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"Bart Simpson" (COMIC: Party Animals)

The Simpsons was a television programme.

At his flat, Martin and Trix MacMillan drank tea from Simpsons mugs. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

Several specimens of the construct known as Cuddlesomes could be heard to use catchphrases like "Ay Caramba!" and "Eat my shorts". (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

Whilst outside the Railway Station giving away tickets for the museum, Odd Bob received an insult from one kid saying "Take a hike, Krusty!" (TV: The Day of the Clown)

Two Martian colonies established in the 23rd century, perhaps by coincidence, were named Springfield and neighboured Shelbyville. (PROSE: GodEngine)

At Ood Operations in 4126, there were various settings for the way Ood could speak, including "D'oh!" (TV: Planet of the Ood)

Space Invaders Bart Simpson

"Bart Simpson" is eaten by the Rigellan Hyper-Kraken. (COMIC: Space Invaders!)

Sam Jones said "D'oh!" as well, in her case when confronted by a vampire. (PROSE: Vampire Science)

Someone resembling Bart Simpson attended Bonjaxx's birthday party on Maruthea. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Another Bart Simpson look-alike was eaten by the Rigellan Hyper-Kraken on Enormous Storage Co.. (COMIC: Space Invaders!)

When asked by her teacher, Mr Selby, who her role model was, Sam Jones replied, "Lisa Simpson". (PROSE: Vampire Science)

Behind the scenes Edit

The series was created by Matt Groening, who also created Futurama.

The show's first ever full episode, Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, premiered in the United States on 17 December 1989, just over a week after the "classic" run of Doctor Who concluded with the third part of Survival.

For one week in 1996, Doctor Who and The Simpsons shared the same network of origin in the United States, when the co-produced TV movie aired.

In the United Kingdom, the BBC held the terrestrial broadcast rights to The Simpsons from 1996 to 2004, where it aired on BBC One and, primarily, on BBC Two. The rights transferred to Channel 4 from 2004 onward.


The Fourth Doctor, as he appeared on The Simpsons.

Over the show's long run, The Simpsons has made several references to Doctor Who and its related universe, and as such is one of the few American-produced series to include such references. Doctor Who has often been mentioned by the Comic Book Guy.

There have been several explicit references to Doctor Who within episodes of The Simpsons in the episodes;

In 1996, writers Gary Russell & Gareth Roberts wrote together the book I Can't Believe It's an Unofficial Simpsons Guide.[1]

The Simpsons, along with Doctor Who and various other franchises, appear together in the 2015 video game LEGO Dimensions.

Cast connections Edit

A number of Doctor Who universe actors appeared in The Simpsons.

Actor The Simpsons role Episodes DWU role Stories
Guest stars
Ian McKellen Himself The Regina Monologues (Episode 317) Great Intelligence The Snowmen (2012)
Neil Gaiman Himself The Book Job (Episode 492) Writer The Doctor's Wife (2011) & Nightmare in Silver (2013); PROSE: Nothing O'Clock (2013)
Snowball V Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (Episode 622)
Richard Dawkins Himself Black-Eyed, Please (Episode 523) Himself The Stolen Earth (2008)
Michael Sheen William Masters Kamp Krustier (Episode 612) House The Doctor's Wife (2011)
Peter Serafinowicz Google-Disney CEO Krusty the Clown (Episode 647) Voice of the Fisher King Before the Flood (2015)

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