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The Silent Streets of Barry Island was a video game released by Tiny Rebel Games in November 2019, as part of Doctor Who: Infinity. It was released for iOS, Android, and PC and Mac computers.

Official synopsis[edit | edit source]

"You've heard of the summer of love? 1967; San Francisco; turn on, tune in, drop out; kids with flowers in their hair? Well, Barry Island had its own summer of love a year earlier, in 1966. Oh, I'm not talking flower power – it was still mods and rockers round here, suits and scooters or leather and brylcreem. But Barry's summer of love ended eventually, making way for – well, let’s call it the Autumn of Apathy. No music, no lights, no queues. Just silent streets. At least they were silent – until that night. The night the Doctor arrived..."

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