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For the species that identified itself as "The Silence", see The Silence (species).

The Silence was a religious order. Their core belief was that "silence will fall when the Question [was] asked", "the Question" being the the oldest question, the very first question of the universe.

Beyond this core belief was the significant goal of killing the Doctor, whom the Silence felt interfered with their central tenets. (DW: Let's Kill Hitler)


The Silence was the mysterious entity that forced the Doctor's TARDIS to explode on 26th June 2010, creating cracks in time that would erase things throughout the universe, and eventually the universe itself. Although the entity that caused the Doctor's TARDIS to explode was never visible or named, a voice was heard speaking before the TARDIS began exploding, stating "Silence will fall!" (DW: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang)

The Silence also indirectly played a hand in the destruction of the Saturnynians' homeworld. In 1580 Venice, Rosanna Calvierri said that through some of the cracks, the Saturnynians saw only "silence and the end of all things." This caused them to flee their homeworld to 1580 Earth through a different crack that acted like a wormhole. (DW: The Vampires of Venice)

The Silence, seemingly allied with Madame Kovarian, The Church and Order of the Headless, were also behind the Battle of Demon's Run, as well as the kidnapping and brainwashing of a young River Song. She then made several attempts on the Eleventh Doctor's life. Ultimately, she successfully introduced a poison into his system which killed him, though she broke free of her conditioning and offered him the sum of her regenerative energy. (DW: Let's Kill Hitler)


  • When recaptured, Prisoner Zero told the Eleventh Doctor that "silence will fall". (DW: The Eleventh Hour)
  • Following his defeat of Rosanna, when the Doctor was preparing to leave, a mysterious silence fell over Venice, all the people had vanished from a previously busy Venetian market. (DW: The Vampires of Venice)
  • After attending Amy Pond's wedding, the Doctor discussed the TARDIS blowing up and mentioned that "the Silence is still out there" before being distracted by a phone call. (DW: The Big Bang)
  • Several lines of Abigail's Song referred to silence, such as, "When you're alone, silence is all you know". It was unclear whether this was a reference to the order, the species, or simply an ordinary use of the common noun. (DW: A Christmas Carol)
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