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The Shadow in the Mirror was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event. Along with Shadow of a Doubt, it was the second of two connected stories written by Paul Cornell to coincide with the watchalong of Human Nature / The Family of Blood, completing the trilogy that began nine days earlier in Cornell's short story The Shadow Passes.


Daughter of Mine recalls how the Doctor always found her, no matter what mirrors she was exploring . They always told her to say sorry if she wanted to be free, but she refused ever time. Then a blonde-haired doctor came to her. Daughter of Mine says she thinks the red-headed doctor was wrong about being the last. The Doctor says she doesn't know about that, but that one rule, perhaps the only solid rule of being the Doctor, is that Doctors don't know much about themselves. She then goes on to say that she wants to break another rule and free Daughter of Mine. She asks Daughter of Mine if she still wants to be free. Daughter of Mine says yes, but she won't ever say sorry. The Doctor says if she does get out, her life will start exactly where it had left off. Daughter of Mine says that her family did what they needed to do. The Doctor asks if she knows what mercy is, and that mercy has nothing to do with fairness. The Doctor breaks the mirror, holding out her hand to Daughter of Mine, who doesn't take her, but steps out of the mirror. The Doctor takes her to the TARDIS and takes Daughter of Mine back to her home planet. She tells Daughter of Mine to get out and that she's made this decision for Daughter of Mine, herself, and all her other selves. She then leaves Daughter of Mine to reunite with her people.




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