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The Seventies was a book which analysed the Doctor Who transmitted in the 1970s.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

By the end of the nineteen-sixties the BBC television programmed Doctor Who had enthralled a generation of children. The police telephone box and staccato-voiced Daleks had become household icons, monsters and aliens had lurched and glided across flickering black-and-white TV screens every Saturday night at tea time.

In January of 1970 Doctor Who returned for a new season — and burst into living rooms in full colour and with a new, dynamic actor in the starring role.

Doctor Who and its audience were starting to grow up.

The Seventies is the definitive record of Doctor Who's second decade. Jon Pertwee was followed as the Doctor by Tom Baker, who brought to the part a personality that was even more flamboyant than Pertwee's and who created one of television's most charismatic and memorable characters.

Advances in technology produced more believable monsters and more spectacular special effects and made location filming much easier.

Doctor Who became more popular than ever, with adults outnumbering children in the continuously climbing audience figures.

The fascination with Doctor Who continued to generate hundreds of spin-off products; large scale exhibitions were mounted; and organisation of fans started to proliferate.

The Seventies is a meticulous record of Doctor Who's most momentous decade, and is illustrated throughout with an unrivalled collection of colour photographs, most of which have never been published before.

Subject matter[edit | edit source]

This book focuses on all of Jon Pertwee's tenure as the Doctor and Tom Baker's tenure up to the end of Season 17. The book also focused on unproduced stories such as The Brain-Dead.

Notable features[edit | edit source]

  • This book contains an amazing amount of behind the scenes information on stories and writers, as well as a huge collection of photos.
  • It contains information on ratings of all stories (presented in a graph by season).

Notes[edit | edit source]

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