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You may be looking for The Seeds of Doom.

The Seeds of Death was the fifth serial of season 6 of Doctor Who. It saw the second appearance of the Ice Warriors. They had been chosen for a reappearance shortly after broadcast of The Ice Warriors. The monsters had been popular, and it was hoped this would justify the high costs of their costumes. Of visual interest was Ferguson's use of point-of-view and angled shots.

At the time it was written, Frazer Hines was considering leaving the show. He finally signed on for the season, apparently at Patrick Troughton's request. This meant Brian Hayles had trouble writing the script, a problem made worse when he was asked to leave the Doctor out of part four. He was unable to complete the script and Terrance Dicks rewrote much of the story, with Hayles' consent though Hayles still received full credit on-screen. Dicks brought in the Martian fleet and removed a sub-plot in which Gia Kelly was hypnotised.


The TARDIS lands in a space museum on Earth in the late 21st century, where the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe learn that contact has been lost between Earth and the Moon. In this era, instant travel — T-Mat — has revolutionised the Earth. Its people have lost interest in space travel. The Doctor and his companions travel to the Moon in an old-style rocket and reach the Moonbase, control centre for T-Mat, only to find a squad of Ice Warriors have commandeered the base and plan to use the T-Mat network to their advantage.


Episode one[]

At the T-Mat control centre, Miss Gia Kelly, the manager of the centre, is infuriated by one of her subordinates. Fewsham is in charge of the Moon Centre and is delaying traffic to Moscow through his ineptitude. Osgood arrives to relieve Fewsham. He enters a T-Mat booth and disappears.

On the Moon, Osgood berates Fewsham for his sloppy work. Osgood is especially annoyed as it was him who recommended Fewsham for promotion. As Fewsham leaves for Earth, the alarm to the outer door air locks sounds and screaming is heard inside the base. They open the door to reveal Phipps, Locke and Harvey. Osgood orders everyone to stay still as a creature moves towards them. Harvey panics and runs, but is killed by the creature.

The delay at the Moon Centre is noticed on Earth. No contact can be made.

Osgood refuses to co-operate with the creatures but is given no choice. He is led over to the machine and begins to operate it. The machine begins to smoke. Osgood announces, with a smirk, that the circuits have overloaded. Osgood is killed.

Kelly desperately seeks the cause for the lack of communication from Moon Centre but there is no damage anywhere. Kelly's superior Julian Radnor is putting pressure on her to sort it out.

The TARDIS lands. The Doctor turns on the scanner to see a space rocket outside. He redirects it and sees a space helmet bearing the legend CCCP. Initially the Doctor is confused, as the rocket comes from the 21st century whereas the space helmet is from the 1960s. He turns the scanner again to reveal a flying machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci. He realises that they are in a museum and they go out to explore. As they look around, Zoe operates a video about the T-Mat. The commentator in the video says T-Mat is a way of providing instantaneous travel from any point through means of dematerialisation that is faster than light. They look up from this video to find a man pointing a gun at them.

The creatures at Moon Centre are putting pressure on Fewsham. He says the only person that can help now is Kelly on Earth, but there is no way to get there or contact her. The creature says he will destroy them all. Desperately, Fewsham remembers the emergency T-Mat link, but he discovers that that is damaged too. The creatures say they want it repaired by the time they get back. Locke argues with Fewsham, who is trying to fix the T-Mat. He argues that he is allowing the aliens means of getting to Earth, but Fewsham is fixated on survival.

Kelly has figured out that the issue must be at Moon Centre. Radnor is losing patience with Kelly as he himself is now under government pressure. Kelly states that with T-Mat down there is no way to get to the Moon other than by rocket, which are all scrapped now. Radnor realises that this isn't quite true.

The armed man questions the Doctor and his colleagues as to why they are in the museum. He says he is Professor Daniel Eldred and that people come to his museum only to laugh at him, trespass or steal. The Doctor doesn't understand why such a collection would be spurned. Eldred states that ever since the advent of T-Mat rockets are a thing of the past and that nobody travels for adventure anymore. Eldred and the Doctor get caught up talking about rockets, and Eldred states he used to be a designer of rockets for the government.

Fewsham is trying to get Locke to help him fix the emergency T-Mat, but Locke decides to fix the video link instead. Fewsham objects.

At the museum, the alarm at the main door goes off, and Radnor and Kelly enter. Initially, Eldred assumes the Doctor and his colleagues are spies working for Radnor, but when he doesn't recognise them Eldred backs down. Radnor and Eldred used to work together, but Radnor gave up designing rockets when the T-Mat system was in its infancy. Radnor states that he knows that Eldred has been building his own rocket for an unauthorised space flight. Eldred expects to get into trouble for this but is shocked to hear that the government will subsidise the preparation for lift off as long as he goes to the Moon. Radnor wants to know how long it would take. Eldred refuses to comply.

Locke fixes the video link and sends an emergency message to the T-Mat Control Centre. The emergency message is put through to the museum. Locke states that there is an emergency and that Osgood is dead but is cut off.

At the Moon Centre, the Ice Warrior leader, Slaar, has pulled the back out of the video link and another Ice Warrior moves forward. Slaar orders the Ice Warrior to kill Locke. The Ice Warrior fires and Locke slumps to the ground.

Episode two[]

In the aftermath of Locke's murder, Phipps escapes. Fewsham defends himself to the Ice Warriors, saying he had no idea of Locke and Phipps' plan. Slaar orders him to fix the emergency T-Mat link.

Radnor, Kelly and the Doctor try to convince Eldred to let them use his rocket. He refuses, saying it is only partially prepared. Radnor offers any assistance he desires, but Eldred still refuses. Eldred is seemingly disappointed that he himself cannot go. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe want to help but cannot, the TARDIS not being accurate enough for such journeys. Instead, the Doctor offers himself and his colleagues as crew for the mission. Eldred still declines. A call comes for Radnor. The world is going into panic over the lack of T-Mat. Radnor tries to convince Eldred that he can remedy all this. Radnor sends for his men. The rocket will be used even without Eldred's consent.

The Ice Warriors are still searching for Phipps. One approaches the solar energy storeroom. Phipps is hiding indisde. The Ice Warrior enters, looks round, doesn't see Phipps and leaves.

Kelly is dubious about the credentials of the Doctor and his colleagues. Radnor assures her that in the briefing the Doctor and Zoe had more knowledge on space travel than Eldred. Kelly questions Jamie's involvement. Radnor asks the Doctor if Jamie should go, but Jamie kicks up a fuss. Eldred points out that they only have enough fuel for a one way journey and will have to refuel on the moon. Furthermore they only have enough food and water for three days. Kelly wants to go with the Doctor and Zoe, but Radnor blocks her.

An Ice Warrior watches over Fewsham. He is nearly finished. Slaar states that Earth is there for the taking very soon.

In the solar energy storeroom, Phipps is putting some equipment together. He unearths the solar power line.

Kelly, Radnor and Eldred prepare the launch. The Doctor's principle objective is to re-establish video contact with Earth so Kelly can help fix the T-Mat. They are three minutes away from launch.

Inside the rocket, Zoe and the Doctor prepare Jamie for the effects of the G-force.

As the launch edges closer, Eldred is very concerned. The rocket launches. Eldred marvels at the sight. This soon slips into panic when the video link between the rocket and launch control is dead. They try to contact them by radio.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe do not answer immediately as they have yet to activate automatic gravity control. As soon as they do, Zoe radios in. There is concern as the communication circuits have started smoking.

Fewsham has finished. Slaar orders him to activate the link but on receive only.

T-Mat control contact Kelly and Radnor to state that they now know what the issue is on the Moon but are shocked when they see that there is now an activation between the Earth and the Moon. Kelly goes to join them. Radnor objects, but Kelly blocks him, saying that she will go over his head if necessary.

Phipps has completed his machine and activates the solar power line.

Fewsham is sitting disconsolate as the T-Mat glows and receives Kelly and two other technicians. He tells her that Osgood contracted space madness, killed Locke and went out into space with no suit on. Fewsham says he sedated Phipps because of his panic. Kelly sets about fixing the T-Mat. Slaar and another warrior watch on. Slaar orders him to continue to seek out Phipps.

Phipps has constructed a primitive radio. He tries to contact Earth. There is no response. He tinkers with it and tries again; still no response.

In the rocket, they have now lost all communication with Earth. They decide to try to lock on to the homing beam that will help them to land on the Moon. Jamie is worried that this might not work, but the Doctor assures him it is controlled by solar power so will not be affected. They activate it and start to receive the beam.

Phipps uses solar energy to kill an Ice Warrior.

Phipps tries communicating again, but an Ice Warrior approaches him from behind. Just as it reaches out its hand, Phipps flicks a switch which turns his machine into a weapon, evaporating the Ice Warrior. He flicks it back and tries contacting Earth again. Behind him the light indicating the activation of the homing beam is now off.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe panic now they have no homing beam. They will either crash on the Moon or drift on endlessly through space...

Episode three[]

Phipps attempts to contact Earth again, to no avail.

Zoe figures out that within five months and ten days their rocket will be sucked into the Sun; Jamie points out that that is irrelevant as they only have food and water enough for three days. The Doctor picks up Phipps' signal and contacts him. Phipps tells the Doctor of the invasion.

Kelly gets the T-Mat working again and is about to head back to Earth when she and her team are ambushed by Ice Warriors. One of the technicians makes a run for it and is killed. The other technician tries to attack an Ice Warrior but is also killed.

The team on the rocket are waiting until the ship is on the right side of the Moon so as to contact Phipps again. They discuss the manner of the alien invading the Moon. Phipps described them as biped, reptilian and wielding a sonic device. Jamie and the Doctor decide it must be the Ice Warriors seeking a new home on Earth. Phipps' signal returns. The Doctor asks for his help in landing. Phipps refuses, saying that it is too dangerous; instead the Doctor should contact Earth or return to inform them. When the Doctor states he can do neither of those things, Phipps complies. The Doctor tells Phipps he intends to adapt the homing equipment to track his radio signal. By the time this has been done and Zoe has calculated the approach trajectory, there are only 17.5 seconds until they need to land. They adopt landing positions. As they begin their descent, the signal dies. The Doctor tries to land manually.

In the solar energy storeroom, Phipps tinkers with his equipment.

The Doctor successfully locks back on to the radio signal and the rocket lands. Zoe and Jamie are to remain on the rocket and refuel while the Doctor sets off to find Phipps. Jamie is tasked with keeping an eye on the refuelling, while Zoe goes to look at the rocket motors.

Fewsham informs the Ice Warriors that all cities are now operational from the Moon. Kelly tries to stop Fewsham. Kelly questions the Ice Warriors as to their plan; if they use T-Mat, they will be met with the resistance of all the armies in the world. Slaar informs her there will be no resistance. Fewsham asks what the fate of himself and Kelly will be. He is told that they will remain alive while they are useful. Kelly says she will never help them.

The Doctor has made his way to the solar energy storeroom, where he is nearly attacked with a spanner by Phipps. The Doctor tries to get as much information as he can from Phipps. He learns that there aren't many Ice Warriors, but they are deadly. The Doctor states his plan: to destroy T-Mat. He contacts Jamie and says he will bring Phipps back to the rocket once he has destroyed T-Mat.

Jamie informs Zoe of the Doctor's plan. Zoe tells Jamie that the rocket motors aren't functioning and that they will need T-Mat to return to Earth. They try to contact the Doctor, but there is no response. They set off to find him.

Phipps and the Doctor make their way to the centre of the Moonbase. They encounter an Ice Warrior accompanying Kelly. The Ice Warrior pulls its weapon on Phipps and the Doctor, who run. Kelly escapes too. The Doctor is pursued relentlessly by the Ice Warriors and is eventually trapped. He suggests that he be taken to their leader as he is a genius and can be useful. The Ice Warriors comply.

Jamie and Zoe sneak through the corridors of the Moonbase. They hear a noise and hide. It is an Ice Warrior. Once they think they have eluded it, it turns and approaches them. They run and hide. It has pursued them but passes them by this time. They continue their search for the Doctor.

Slaar is giving orders to Fewsham. He is to prepare the T-Mat to deliver a cargo to Ottawa, Oslo, Stockholm and Hamburg. The plan is interrupted by the Ice Warriors returning the Doctor. Slaar dismisses the two other Ice Warriors and orders them to find Kelly. Slaar questions the Doctor and asks him how he got to the Moonbase. The Doctor evades answering, but Fewsham says there is no such thing as rocket travel anymore so he must have been here the whole time. The Doctor plays on this and asks how they can be sure of this and that Earth could be preparing a whole fleet of rockets to attack the Ice Warriors. The Doctor asks what the Ice Warriors' plan is as there are too few of them to conquer Earth. Slaar ignores him but orders another Ice Warrior to prepare the seeds and then orders that all the humans are to be guarded. The Doctor asks Fewsham why he is helping the Ice Warriors before informing him sternly that he is going to help him now.

Jamie, Zoe, Phipps and Kelly have all met up in the solar energy storeroom, where the latter have informed the former of the Doctor's capture. Jamie talks about his previous encounter with the Ice Warriors and that their weakness is heat. Kelly says that the heating system is at the centre of the Moonbase where many Ice Warriors are guarding. Phipps comes up with a plan to use the maintenance tunnels. The grate of the tunnel is rusted closed and may take some time to remove. Jamie implores him to hurry as time is something the Doctor doesn't have a lot of.

The Doctor and Fewsham have hatched a plan, but Fewsham is reluctant to execute it. Eventually he goes along with it. He acts as a decoy to distract the Ice Warrior guarding them, whilst the Doctor goes to investigate the seeds. He is caught by Slaar, who orders him to open the case. He removes what appears to be a seed pod. It swells in the Doctor's hands and bursts, knocking the Doctor to the ground unconscious.

Zoe sees an Ice Warrior approaching the solar energy storeroom. Jamie uses a crowbar to jam the door closed but the Ice Warrior is forcing his way in. Phipps and Kelly desperately try to switch the radio into its weapon state whilst Jamie holds the door closed. Jamie lets the alien in, and it is destroyed.

An Ice Warrior puts one of the seed pods in the T-Mat cubicle. Fewsham is ordered to prepare transport to London.

Radnor and Eldred are told that big cities are on the point of starvation due to the lack of T-Mat deliveries.

Fewsham is ordered to activate the transport. The seed pod disappears.

The seed pod appears in London. Radnor's joy at the T-Mat working again is replaced with puzzlement at the sight of the seed pod. An engineer named Brent goes to pick up the seed pod, and it begins to swell...

Episode four[]

The seed pod bursts, causing all three men to stagger back. Brent, who is closest to it, has been killed. Radnor orders the air conditioning to be set to expel and orders an immediate autopsy of Brent. When questioned as to what could have happened, Eldred says it reminds him of the way some plants reproduce and spread their seeds.

Slaar is having Fewsham send the pods to Ottawa, Oslo and Hamburg.

In the solar energy storeroom, Kelly is attempting to fix the weapon whilst waiting for Jamie and Phipps to return from the vent.

Jamie and Phipps emerge from the vent by the centre of the Moonbase. They see Fewsham and the Ice Warriors transmitting the seed pods. They worry as to the whereabouts of the Doctor.

Radnor and Eldred receive news of seed pods in sixteen more cities, causing six more deaths. Eldred wonders if there is a pattern to where the seed pods are appearing. Radnor receives the autopsy report back, and it is revealed that Brent died of instant oxygen starvation — a contradiction in terms. Eldred worries that the gas that caused this is now out in the air in London.

Outside in a park, foam is forming.

The Ice Warriors have finished dispelling their pods. Fewsham asks after the Doctor. Slaar asks if he is still alive, and Fewsham says he is. Slaar says that is unusual. They order Fewsham to drag the Doctor to the T-Mat capsule.

All this is watched by Jamie and Phipps through the grille.

The Ice Warriors order Fewsham to send the Doctor between the Moon and the Earth.

Jamie and Phipps move round to the tunnel alongside the T-Mat cubicle.

Fewsham says he can't kill the Doctor. Slaar points out his sending of the seed pods has killed his whole species. Fewsham refuses, but Slaar threatens him with his life. Fewsham says it will need reprogramming.

Jamie and Phipps have made it to the side of the cubicle.

Slaar hurries Fewsham.

Jamie and Phipps remove the grille between the tunnel and the cubicle only to find another.

Fewsham says he is almost ready. Slaar tells him to operate the T-Mat. He refuses, but they force him. Fewsham turns to see the Doctor gone and loses his mind. Slaar tells him to prepare to dispatch to London. Slaar approaches another and reminds him of his mission. Fewsham says he needs to reprogramme the T-Mat again.

The Doctor is saved by Jamie, who heads off back to the solar energy storeroom with him. Phipps heads off to the heating controls on the next level up. Two Ice Warriors are guarding it. He slowly removes the grate but finds he can't fit through the vent.

The foam in the park has now taken over a large area and is spitting and fizzing.

Radnor has received the autopsy reports of all killed by the gas - they all died of immediate oxygen starvation too. He receives a report of a vegetable blight in parks, and foam covering acres of land in minutes and wind spreading the foam. As this report is read out an Ice Warrior appears in the T-Mat capsule and rages terror over the control centre, slaughtering all the guards who try and shoot it.

In the Moonbase, Slaar steps up the search for the missing humans.

Phipps has returned to the solar energy storeroom and says there is no way he can reach the heating controls. Zoe says she will do it. Jamie tries to block such a dangerous mission, but Kelly sanctions it. Zoe and Phipps head off.

The Ice Warrior on Earth makes his way through the foam.

Radnor and Eldred puzzle over where the creature could be going and what its purpose might be.

The Ice Warrior comes across some men spraying the seeds. As the foam covers them, the Ice Warrior kills them.

Phipps and Zoe have got lost in the tunnel system. Phipps starts to crack up.

A security guard reports to Radnor and Eldred about the whereabouts of the Ice Warrior but is killed immediately. Radnor orders all men to trail the creature. Eldred says it is madness and that he is only threatening more of his men. Eldred realises that all of the cities where the seed pods have appeared are in the northern hemisphere and therefore experiencing winter.

Meanwhile, the Ice Warrior is making his way through the park with great purpose.

Phipps still can't remember which way to go. Zoe reveals she can picture the map that the Doctor showed her and leads the way. Phipps is sceptical but they get to the centre of the Moonbase. An Ice Warrior is guarding the controls.

Back in the solar energy storeroom, Kelly and Jamie worry about the whereabouts of Zoe and Phipps when they are interrupted by an Ice Warrior. They hide, and when the Ice Warrior is in the line of fire of the weapon, Kelly operates it — but nothing happens. The Ice Warrior starts to leave but turns and approaches the table where the Doctor is lying.

Fewsham is complaining to the Ice Warrior guarding him but sees Phipps and Zoe undoing the grille. He acts as a decoy to the Ice Warrior, leading him over to the T-Mat capsule so he can fix it. Zoe sneaks in and reaches the heating controls. She cannot move it initially but soon turns it. The heat begins to rise. The Ice Warrior turns. Phipps calls out to warn Zoe. The Ice Warrior kills Phipps and starts to approach Zoe. Zoe screams to Fewsham for help...

Episode five[]

As the Ice Warrior approaches Zoe, Fewsham intervenes. The Ice Warrior beats him off but is affected by the heat before he can kill either of them. Fewsham tells Zoe that the T-Mat is now working and he can get them all to Earth. Zoe runs off to tell the rest.

The Doctor wakes up as the Ice Warrior approaches him. Jamie jumps out and knocks the Ice Warrior's weapon from his hand. A fight ensues between the Ice Warrior, Kelly and Jamie. As it looks like the Ice Warrior is about to overpower them, the heat affects it and it collapses to the ground. The Doctor catches up on what has been happening. Zoe returns and explains all that has happened. They head to T-Mat control.

Sir James Gregson, the United Nations' plenipotentiary in charge of T-Mat, has visited Radnor's London base. He is highly sceptical of Radnor's report and thinks he is at fault for all that has gone wrong.

The earthbound Ice Warrior has made its way to the Weather Control Station. Once inside it kills the scientist in charge and sets the weather control unit to dry before disabling it.

The Doctor and his colleagues have arrived at the centre of the Moonbase. Fewsham says he will send them all back to Earth. The Doctor points out that someone needs to stay to operate the controls, but Fewsham states they have a time switch which delays transportation by ten seconds; he will send them off and then follow using the time switch. Kelly states that the recent report from the Moonbase declared that the time switch was broken, but Fewsham says they fixed it. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe go first.

As soon as they arrive back at Earth Control they are cross-examined by Radnor. This is only heightened when Kelly arrives. When Fewsham does not arrive, Kelly realises that he was lying about the time switch, which the Moonbase report confirms is still out of order, and states it is positive proof that he is still working for the Ice Warriors. The Doctor wonders why he let them escape.

On the Moonbase, Fewsham hears Slaar coming and pretends to be unconscious. Slaar reels in and gropes for the heating control. Once back to normal, Fewsham says he was attacked by the Doctor and his colleagues because he did not want to accompany them. This endears him to the Ice Warriors. They tell him of the second stage of the invasion: a fleet to arrive on the Moon.

The Doctor explains how everything is linked together. He wants to experiment on the foam. Kelly, Zoe and Jamie discuss the motives of Fewsham whilst Kelly is trying to fix T-Mat.

Whilst fetching the foam, a seed pod bursts, causing the Doctor to cough and gasp for air.

Kelly has come up with a plan. They can bypass using the Moon as a relay by using a specially designed satellite that they will launch.

The Doctor has discovered the foam is an organic substance that reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere by twenty times — the exact same atmosphere as Mars. The foam in the test tube starts to swell. The Doctor tries to find an antidote for this process by wildly throwing substances on it. Finally one works.

The Ice Warriors activate the homing signal.

Jamie and Zoe puzzle as to why only one Ice Warrior was sent. This is interrupted by the Doctor reporting by video link. He tells them that the antidote for the foam is water. He tells Zoe to tell Radnor to send an envoy to the weather control unit and get them to create as much rain as possible. The Doctor signs off. Zoe and Jamie try to locate Radnor, but he is in a meeting. Zoe decides to go there herself and convinces a sceptical Jamie to go with her.

On the Moonbase, the Ice Warriors deliver a communication unit which is connected to the solar batteries from the base which will transmit a directional beam signal to their fleet. Zoe and Jamie arrive at the Weather Control Station, avoiding the foam encroaching on it. They close the door behind them. They discover the scientist lying dead and the weather control unit destroyed. The Ice Warrior approaches, forcing Zoe and Jamie to hide.

The Grand Marshal of the Ice Warriors asks of the plan's success. His fleet is approaching. Fewsham activates the video link with Earth, covertly.

"You have betrayed us..."

On Earth they are preparing for the satellite launch when the video comes through. The Doctor orders they record what is being transmitted. They watch as Fewsham insists they test the beam and says out loud how any inaccuracies in the transmission will cause the fleet to overshoot into the gravitational pull of the Sun. Slaar discovers the video link open and orders one of the Ice Warriors to kill Fewsham and destroy the camera. The Doctor orders the cancellation of the launch of the satellite. They will adapt it and use it to transmit the beam that they recorded so as to confuse the fleet. In their joy, it is discovered that the message that the Doctor gave to Zoe has not been communicated. They realise that Zoe and Jamie might have gone to the Weather Control Station themselves, the last known location of the Ice Warrior. The Doctor rushes out.

Foam subsumes the Weather Control Station as the Doctor approaches it. The Doctor carefully makes his way through the foam. He reaches the door to discover it locked. He beats at the door as the foam begins to engulf him.

On the point of discovering Jamie and Zoe, the Ice Warrior is distracted by the Doctor's shouts.

The Doctor falls into the foam. A bubble of noxious gas begins to grow just by the Doctor's face...

Episode six[]

Jamie distracts the Ice Warrior drawing it away from the door.

The Doctor is still outside being consumed by foam.

Zoe has reached the door and pulls it open just in time. Some of the foam flows in before she can close the door. Zoe tells the Doctor of the Ice Warrior.

Jamie has been cornered by the Ice Warrior, who fires his weapon at him. He ducks out the way and runs, locking it in the room. He meets up with the Doctor and Zoe as the Ice Warrior frees itself by blasting through the door. They seek refuge in the solar energy room, which has a radiation door to keep the Ice Warrior out. They activate it just in time. They set about making a solar energy weapon like the one that Phipps created on the Moon.

Outside the Weather Control Station security guards are spraying the foam so as to access the building. They reach the door, enter and encounter the Ice Warrior. Many of them are killed.

The Doctor has replicated the solar energy weapon. They hear the gunfire and open the door to kill the Ice Warrior. It has gone. They use some cabling so as to extend the weapon further.

The guards are starting to retreat, pursued by the Ice Warrior. More are killed.

The Doctor sets out in pursuit of the Ice Warrior. He finds it, gives the word to Zoe to flick the switch and kills the Ice Warrior.

Radnor is impatiently waiting at the base for news. The Doctor videos to say all is okay and that there is some damage to the weather control unit, but he is looking into it. Kelly's satellite is ready to launch. She replicates the homing beam signal but Eldred questions how she is going to get it to the launchpad. She replies that she found a "petrol car" in a motor museum. Eldred is intrigued and asks the make of the vehicle, but she replies "I have no idea. But it's got four wheels and it goes".

The Doctor sets about fiddling with the weather control unit.

The Grand Marshal of the Ice Warriors is furious with his Ice Warriors on the Moon for killing Fewsham, the only person who could have used the T-Mat controls. Slaar promises to find another human. The invasion plans are finalised.

The Doctor fixes the weather control unit and sets about the process to make it rain. Before leaving the Weather Control Station, he wants to customise the solar weapon.

The satellite has been successfully launched. The Doctor enters with a portable solar weapon. He says he is going to T-Mat to the Moon and turn off their homing beam so as to confirm the doom of the Ice Warrior fleet. He heads off.

Once on the Moon, the Doctor sneaks out and kills the Ice Warrior guarding the transmitter. He begins to tinker with it when he is interrupted by two Ice Warriors. The Doctor surrenders. They destroy his weapon. Just before they destroy the Doctor, Slaar asks him if he can operate T-Mat. He is unsure but agrees so as to save his life.

Back on Earth, everyone is worried as to why the Doctor has not returned.

The Grand Marshal says the fleet are entering the gravitational field of the Moon. The Ice Warriors tell the Doctor that, on their arrival, the fleet are to be sent to Earth via T-Mat.

On Earth everyone watches the radar. They watch as the fleet veer away from the Moon and towards the satellite. Jamie is still concerned about the Doctor and whispers to Zoe. She is to send him to the Moon to help the Doctor.

The invasion fleet changes course.

The Grand Marshal reports to the Ice Warriors that their plan is unravelling and that they are heading towards the Sun. They cannot use their retroactive rockets as they do not have sufficient fuel. Slaar turns on the Doctor, who explains that the beam was only transmitting as far as the room and nowhere else. Slaar states that Earth is still doomed due to the foam. The Doctor tells him about the rain he has produced and that all the foam will be destroyed. Slaar orders the execution of the Doctor. He is distracted by the arrival of Jamie. Jamie leaps over the control unit and tackles an Ice Warrior as the Doctor directs the weapon of another Ice Warrior at Slaar, killing him. Jamie and the Doctor then hook the solar weapon up to the panels in the wall and kill the last remaining Ice Warrior. They return to Earth.

On Earth, rain has destroyed the foam, T-Mat is returning to normal, they have gained control of the weather and the UN congratulate Radnor. Eldred tries to convince Radnor and Kelly that they should always have rockets on standby in the future, and turns to the Doctor to ask for his opinion. However, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe have gone.

A soaking wet Doctor, Jamie and Zoe reach the museum and return to the TARDIS. Jamie asks if the Doctor had to make it rain that hard, but the Doctor — who is in a bad temper — tells him "Really, Jamie. Sometimes I think you're never satisfied!" When Zoe asks where they are going now, Jamie says that the Doctor has no more idea about that than the man in the Moon. The Doctor overhears this and snaps "I heard that, Jamie!" and bundles him and Zoe inside. The TARDIS dematerialises.


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Story notes[]

  • The working title for this story was The Lords of the Red Planet.
  • After the opening titles a specially filmed model sequence was used as a background for the story title and episode number, showing a scene of the Earth and Moon. The camera pans across the foreground object then zooms into the background object — Earth or Moon — on which the episode begins. The exception is in episode three, where the panning stops between the Earth and the Moon, as this instalment begins in cislunar space.
  • This is the only story to feature footage of an Ice Warrior on location, where in episode four an Ice Warrior was filmed on Hampstead Heath in London. Previously, the Ice Warriors had appeared only in studio.
    • According to Michael Ferguson, during a break while shooting these scenes, Steve Peters was leaning against a tree in his Ice Warrior costume (minus his helmet) smoking a cigarette. A woman then happened to drive past, noticed this peculiar sight and was so fixated on it that she hit the back of a police car.
  • Brian Hayles' scripts differed from his story breakdown in several respects. Kelly was originally a man, assisted by a woman named Mary Burcott; with the former changed to the female Gia Kelly, Mary became Brent. The Ice Lords were envisaged as being more humanoid than their Warrior counterparts, and episode two would have introduced Slaar's superior, named Visek. The Martian spores were only intended to erupt after four weeks rather than almost instantaneously, and were initially destroyed by concentrated oxygen (possibly in a liquid form) instead of water.
  • Brian Hayles was initially under the impression that Frazer Hines would depart the series and in his original draft, Jamie's role was given to a new companion named Nik.
  • To keep the return of the Ice Warriors a surprise, Steve Peters was credited as "Alien" in Radio Times for episode one. Peters had never previously appeared as an Ice Warrior, so his name gave no clues as to the aliens' identity.
  • Patrick Troughton does not appear in episode four as he was on holiday during the week it was recorded. The Doctor is seen only as an unconscious figure, with Tom Laird doubling for Troughton with his face out of vision.
  • This is the last story where a main cast member went on holiday during the production as the episode count per season was pretty much halved in the following season.
  • The footage of the rocket in episode five is stock material of Mariner 4, a mission launched in 1964 to map the surface of Mars. Notably enough, the images taken by it were sufficient to dispel belief in intelligent life on the planet.
  • The footage of the rocket launch in episode six is also library footage, from a Soviet launch in 1948 of a R-1 missile, a short-range copy of the German V-2.
  • When Zoe lets the Doctor inside the Weather Control Bureau, he falls into the foam and she is clearly smiling as she closes the door. This is because Patrick Troughton genuinely slipped over and Wendy Padbury was trying not to laugh.
  • This is the first of two consecutive Doctor Who stories directed by Michael Ferguson in which the title contains the words "The ... of Death", the second being The Ambassadors of Death.
  • This was the first story from Patrick Troughton's run to be released on home video. It was also the first story from the 1960s and in black-and-white to receive a release.
  • A subplot in episodes three and four in which Kelly was mind-controlled by the Ice Warriors was removed.
  • The script originally contained a line where Eldred reveals that his rocket achieved the first manned moon landing; this was altered to account for the likelihood that NASA would probably soon accomplish the feat.
  • Wendy Padbury liked her leather trouser suit so much that she bought it — and BBC bureaucracy required her to pay before the start of filming. Then, in the scene where Zoe has to crawl through a tunnel, the paint on the set turned out to be still wet.
  • Michael Ferguson disliked how slow the story was upon re-watching it.
  • Episode five exists in its original broadcast format due to it being preserved as a 35mm film negative. Effectively, it is a much higher quality print than the 16mm telerecording copies of the other five episodes originally shot on videotape.
  • Steve Peters remained in costume during a break and surprised a passing motorist so much that she suffered a minor traffic accident.
  • The novel Transit introduced the Thousand Day War between Earth and Mars following this serial, dating the "late 21st century" setting specifically to 2086, with The Indestructible Man putting this serial before 2096.


  • Episode one - 6.6 million viewers
  • Episode two - 6.8 million viewers
  • Episode three - 7.5 million viewers
  • Episode four - 7.1 million viewers
  • Episode five - 7.6 million viewers
  • Episode six - 7.7 million viewers


  • Slaar is an Ice Lord. (He is never referred to as an "Ice Lord" or even as a "Lord" but is presented simply as the commander of the Martian forces. His superior is, however, identified as a Grand Marshal — misspelled as "Grand Marshall" on the closing credits.)

Filming locations[]

  • Ealing Television Film Studios (Stage 2), Ealing Green, Ealing
  • Lime Grove Studios (Studio D), Lime Grove, London
  • Hampstead Heath, London (Ice Warrior on Earth walks through park)
  • Trafalgar Square, London (STOCK FOOTAGE) (T-Mat advertisement)
  • Westminster Bridge, London (STOCK FOOTAGE) (T-Mat advertisement)
  • Whitehall / Parliament Street, London (STOCK FOOTAGE) (T-Mat advertisement)

Production errors[]

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • When Zoe turns up the heating, an Ice Warrior falls down dead right in front of her. When it does this, the front and rear sections of the shell costume just slightly break apart.
  • In episode four, Phipps lifts Zoe up too high to get out of the air duct and Wendy Padbury (Zoe) hits her head.
  • As Zoe opens the door to the solar energy storeroom to glance around for Ice Warriors, one can be seen right outside, the actor obviously waiting for his cue. The cut to the exterior view shows Zoe seeing a Warrior far down the corridor.
  • Eldred points to the Weather Control Bureau on the map, but it is clearly marked in the opposite corner.
  • There are boom mic shadows several times in the museum in episodes one and two.
  • In part one, shadows of people moving can be seen in the doorway as Eldred first questions the Doctor and his companions in his museum.
  • Patrick Troughton's sideburns appear and disappear depending on whether he is seen in a pre-filmed sequence or a studio scene.
  • When the TARDIS dematerialises at the end of episode six, several small changes occur to the set.
  • In episode one, the Doctor leaves the TARDIS with his braces unclipped.
  • When Brent dies at the beginning of episode four his body moves, and when he is taken away for an autopsy, his arm moves up of its own free will, rather than a guard picking it up.
  • Zoe refers to Slaar by name in episode six, but this is the first time that his name is mentioned on-screen.


  • The Doctor and Jamie have previously met Ice Warriors. (TV: The Ice Warriors)
  • In PROSE: Eternity Weeps, T-Mat is used to get to the moon.
  • PROSE: Transit mentions T-Mat in reference to the Stunnel project.
  • By the 23rd century, humanity believed that the last of the Ice Warriors were killed when their invasion fleet spiralled into the Sun. A documentary on the incident was produced and broadcast on the History Channel. (AUDIO: Deimos)

Behind the scenes[]

  • In The Brilliant Book 2012, the Doctor says that the T-Mat caused the end of "the First Great and Bountiful Space Race".

Home video and audio releases[]

This is the only Second Doctor story not released on audio in any form.

DVD releases[]

This story was released as Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death in a two-disc set.


NTSC - Warner Video E1924


Notes: Editing for the DVD release was completed by the Doctor Who Restoration Team. On this release the VidFIRE effect was mistakenly applied to the entire story rather than just the sequences recorded in-studio. This was corrected in the subsequent Special Edition release.

Special Edition release[]

It was also released as Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death: Special Edition.


Special Features:


  • This edition is only available in the UK and Australia as part of the Revisitations 2 box set.

Digital releases[]

This story is available:

Doctor Who DVD Files release[]

It was released as issue 115 of Doctor Who DVD Files.

VHS releases[]

This story was released as Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death.


  • First Release (VHS / Betamax):
PAL - BBC Video BBCV2019
  • Second Release (VHS only):
PAL - BBC Video BBCV4072
NTSC - Warner Video E1112


  • All releases were edited into compilation form. The video cover of the first release in 1985 had made no indication that the story was not colour, and so a small blue sticker reading THE ORIGINAL BLACK AND WHITE RECORDING (original printed text) was hastily added to the bottom right-hand corner of the rear sleeve. The release omits the closing caption "Next Week: The Space Pirates" which appears at the end of the story.
  • The rear sleeve bears the writer's credit "By Brian Hayles and Terrance Dicks", even though Hayles receives the sole writer's credit on-screen.

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