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The Secrets of Det-Sen was the second and final story of the seventh series of The Early Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Andy Frankham-Allen and featured Peter Purves as the First Doctor and Steven Taylor and was the first time Lauren Cornelius voiced Dodo Chaplet.

Publisher's summary[]

When the Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the Himalayas, they have no idea that they are about to set off a chain of events that will haunt the Doctor throughout his many lives.

Joining a pilgrimage to the nearby Det-Sen monastery, the travellers discover everything isn’t as it seems. As the situation grows increasingly dire, they will have to uncover the secrets of Det-Sen before it’s too late.


The Abominable Snowmen (Part 1)[]

The TARDIS lands at the Himalayas and the Doctor, Steven and Dodo Chaplet get out and have a look around. They then meet a real life Tibetan Yeti. After a few moments, they spot pilgrims and head towards it. They tag along with the monks and meet a wise man known as Oddiyāna. They chat. After that, they must depart as bandits start to pursue them.

Guru Rinpoche Day (Part 2)[]

We learn more about the culture and beliefs of the Det-Sen monastery in this part. The story then proceeds to make listeners learn more about the holy relics and what secret is Oddiyāna hiding. We have a trilling part as the bandits catch up on them and descend and plunder. Steven and the Doctor stops them with a cane.

The Bandits (Part 3)[]

Meanwhile, Dodo is sent to get aid from outside to drive the bandits away. She meets the Yeti. They become restless as they are alerted by whisperings but Dodo calms them down with a lil' sing song. The Yetis then agreed to help and follows Dodo.

The Ghanta of Det-Sen (Part 4)[]

The Monks are on the verge of failing to contain the bandits when the Yeti arrives. The Yeti flung the bandits to their deaths and they met a grisly end. The Monks think that the Yeti are friendly and thus trust them to protect the monastery in the future. Meanwhile, the ghanta is handed over to the Doctor for safekeeping and Oddiyāna embraces his destiny.



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  • This was Dodo Chaplet's first appearance in The Early Adventures range, having previously been represented by narration in The Companion Chronicles and Short Trips ranges. Previously portrayed by Jackie Lane (who passed away two months before the story's release and had previously declined to reprise the role), Lauren Cornelius was cast to recreate the role.
  • This story served as a prequel to The Abominable Snowmen. John Dorney, as script editor, expressed particular fondness for this as Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen was the first Target novelisation he owned. (BFX: The Secrets of Det-Sen)
  • Following the death of original Dodo actress Jackie Lane, Big Finish announced that this story would be dedicated to her memory.[1]
  • Lisa Bowerman claimed the story is set relatively early during Dodo's travels in the TARDIS, to account for time for her accent to change as it did during her TV series tenure. (BFX: The Secrets of Det-Sen)
  • Dorney watched a number of episodes featuring Dodo to get a feel for the character, taking inspiration from The Gunfighters in particular. (BFX: The Secrets of Det-Sen)


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