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The Secret of Novice Hame was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event, coinciding with a tweetalong for New Earth and Gridlock. It featured Novice Hame discussing her final wishes as she lies close to death.


As Novice Hame prepares to die, she recalls her life, meeting the Face of Boe and the how a traveller will visit her before she dies.


Novice Hame recalls how she is living the last day of her life. She has been laid in a bower, surrounded by white cotton so people can come to pay their last respects before she dies.

Hame recalls how she was born in the middle of battle as her mother and father were trapped in a refuge camp, the last of sixteen kittens. To feed the other kittens and escape the war zone, her parents sold Hame to the Sisters of Plentitude for ten shillings. Her family gone and now under the Sisters' care, she was taken to New Earth and given her name in honour of the Cat God of Harvest. Hame was eventually inducted as Novice Hame at thirteen years old.

Hame thinks her adventures were captured in holograms. She remembers how she used to fight in wars, sometimes alongside a Lord of Time. As she aged, she decide to atone for her sins, eventually becoming a Senator, then Vice President, then Feline Imperator of the New Earth Order. Close to death, she has returned to calling herself Novice Hame.

Hame reveals she has one last secret to reveal, much like the Face of Boe. She hopes many will celebrate her life, to come visit her. She imagines the Hippopotamus Guards watching as Dogkind relax in the bright sunlight in New New York's Apple-grass. She pictures visitors feeding swans and flamingos and by evening, Dolphin children to dance in the fire light and the Lionkind and Micekind to come to observe her. She then notes the last surviving Owl woman would stand before her, knowing what Hame knows, a similarity she notes comes between Owls and cats. She then focusses on two gold coins that her last visitor must place on her eyes as she dies to pay for her journey in to the Great Cat kingdom, her people's belief in the after life.

Hame waits and then the last visitor arrives.


It is the Doctor, just as Hame remembered him, still skinny, still her friend. The Doctor sits by her, observing the Moonlit Pavilion. Hame asks how he is, the Doctor revealing he has been poisoned and is on a goodbye tour. Hame grows emotional, revealing that her parents, who she lost long ago, found her and came to visit. The Doctor smiles and Hame realises that he helped them find her. The Doctor insists he merely "nudged" them. Hame gives the Doctor the two gold coins and asks him how he has lived his life, leading him to talk all night about his own adventures.

By morning, Hame realises her end is coming, thanking the Doctor for spending her last night with her. The Doctor then ponders on his own life, how it has become a story and asks what Hame believes in. Hame begins to explain, ready to tell her secret, starting by observing how New Earth exists so similarly to the original Earth. She squeezes his hand, insisting the world was maybe not a home, but actually a complex trap. Hame says she looked beneath the earth and claims she found something.

"I think she's gone."

The Doctor places the two gold coins on Hame's eyes. Indeed, Hame has passed away. Her attendants steps from the shadows and asks what Hame's last words were.

" 'I wonder'. That's all she said. Good for her, it's a fine way to live and a fine way to die. Always wondering... right to the end."

Hame realises her secret will have to wait for another time. Hame begins to feel herself fade from the world. She says she is hope, ending and beginning, and feels herself rising to the sky as she continues to wonder.