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The Second Oldest Question was the tenth story of the ninth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

Publisher's summary[]

The oldest question in the universe has haunted the Doctor ever since he left Gallifrey. A question that only a few know the answer to. A question that must never be answered.

This isn't the story of that question. This is the story of the second oldest question. A question that has plagued humanity for millennia. A question which determines whether someone can live or die. A question that must be answered.


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  • According to the Doctor, the second oldest question is "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  • Widow Webb's house, and Snittlegarth's courthouse beside it, were ravaged by fire the day before. A chicken is put on trial for arson.
  • Michaelmas will be celebrated tomorrow, on 29 September, with a village feast.
  • It was recently the harvest moon.
  • Rowlf is from Augury 23, a planet which is a few hundred light-years from Earth. After being wrongly accused of theft, he was sentenced to live on Earth, which serves as their penal colony.
  • Rowlf is accused of practicing witchcraft.


  • This story was recorded on 9 August 2019 at WiseBuddah.
  • This story was released as a download only.


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