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The Second Doctor Who Quiz Book was the second in a series of licensed quiz books published by Target Books who were better known for their series of novelisations.

Publisher's summary[]

Do you know which empire succeeded the Manussan empire? Or what ECCO was? Or how the Menoptera were armed?

Nigel Robinson has compiled a Second Doctor Who Quiz Book to test your knowledge of the ever-expanding Whoniverse. Over 1,000 questions and answers will tell whether you know who's who and what's what in all matters relating to the extraordinarily widely travelled Doctor.

Subject matter[]

As with the first quiz books questions were arranged in sections by topics and covered the televised adventures up till and including The Five Doctors. With longer than one-word answers to most questions.

Notable features[]

  • To avoid paying additional fees for character likeness, the cover was designed so as to feature no image of the Doctor.


  • This title was released priced £1.35 (UK) with a print run of 20,000 copies.
  • The reference to ECCO in the publisher's summary is in reference to information presented in a novelisation of a story, rather than its broadcast version. In this case the novelisation of Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors, the name ECCO (for the base computer) did not appear in the televised story The Ice Warriors.