The Second Doctor Box Set was an audio anthology released on December 2010 by Big Finish Productions.

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Prison in Space

by Dick Sharples, adapted by Simon Guerrier

A relaxing break for the Doctor and his companions Jamie and Zoe becomes something decidedly more sinister when they are arrested for trespass. But what has happened to the planet Earth? And how has the malevolent Chairman Babs gained control? As the Doctor and Jamie are incarcerated in a prison that they can never escape from, Zoe is forced to change sides…

The Daleks - The Destroyers

by Terry Nation, adapted by Nicholas Briggs and John Dorney

In 1967, the Daleks were written out of Doctor Who as their creator, Terry Nation, prepared to launch them in their own TV series. Production was halted at the eleventh hour, but the script has survived - now making its debut on audio.

When the crew of Explorer Base One is attacked by the Daleks, Space Security Agents Sara Kingdom, Mark Seven and Jason Corey are sent to investigate. They discover a plan that threatens the future of the entire galaxy…

Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
2.02 Prison in Space Dick Sharples (adapted by Simon Guerrier) Lisa Bowerman 2nd Jamie, Zoe December 2010 BFPDWLS10
The Destroyers Terry Nation (adapted by Nicholas Briggs and John Dorney) none Sara, Daleks

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