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The Season 19 Safety Video with Tegan Jovanka was a short promotion, advertising the Blu-ray release of Season 19. As the name suggests, Tegan examined the special features of the release as if they were safety procedures on an aeroplane.

It featured the first on-screen appearance of Tegan Jovanka since A Fix with Sontarans in 1985. Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton also appear, albeit as themselves as passengers on the plane, Davison was dreaming of himself as the Fifth Doctor during Season 19. Additionally, the cliffhanger from the first part of Earthshock is repurposed, implying that the Cybermen are spying on Tegan's presentation.

It also features many references to the events of Season 19 including: the emergency breathing mask being the Doctor's mask from Black Orchid, the possibility of a time slip, Zero Cabinets being provided under the seats, Terileptils leading the passengers to their closest exit in the event of an emergency and Davison and Sutton telling Tegan they need to get back to Heathrow, to which she replies that that's her line; Tegan's return to Heathrow being a running theme throughout the season.

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