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The Sea Devil was a comic published in the TV Comic annual in 1979. It featured the Fourth Doctor. Despite its title, it did not feature the Sea Devils.


A meteorite hits the North Sea near an oil rig. The oil rig survives the shockwave, but on the sea floor the meteorite glows ominously.

The Doctor and Miss Young arrive in Bessie at a government research laboratory in Scotland, where he has been summoned by his old friend Professor McBane. McBane introduces them to Karl Moreton of Bentick Petroleum. They take a helicopter to the oil rig, where large pink tentacles attack a fire fighting vessel. The Doctor takes a sample of the pink substance back to the laboratory. He discovers it is seaweed contaminated from radiation from deep space brought by the meteorite. Furthermore, the mutated seaweed is attracted to sound, so the sound of the oil rig puts it in danger.

The Doctor and Miss Young head out on a boat, using a sound-emitting gadget to attract the mutated seaweed. A tentacle grabs the Doctor, but Miss Young slices it off with a knife. They lure the mutation into a shallow bay where it cannot dive and drop drums of petrol from the boat. After they are airlifted from the boat in the helicopter, the petrol is set ablaze, killing the mutated beast. The Doctor and Miss Young drive back to the TARDIS in Bessie.



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