The Scorchies Show was a 1970s television show made by a group of Scorchies which consisted of Mr Grizzfizzle, Cool Cat, Professor Baffle, Amble the Ugly Doll and some Magic Mice. They travelled from planet to planet, using the show to hypnotise the native population. Once everyone was under their control, they would burn the planets. After doing this for hundreds of years, they brought the show to Earth.

The show often had celebrity guest stars. All of the show's guest stars did three things: tell a story, make a thing, and sing a song.

The Scorchies did many stunts, such as setting themselves on fire, shooting themselves out of cannons, and dropping weights on each other.

Episodes Edit

In one episode, Delia Smith baked a Soufflé with Amble the Ugly Doll.

In another, Angela Rippon taught Cool Cat the foxtrot.

Bernie Winters appeared in an episode.

Jo Grant infiltrated the show's studio during the live filming of the season finale and defeated the Scorchies with the help of the Third Doctor. (AUDIO: The Scorchies)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to James Goss' in-universe writer's notes, one episode involved Alvin Stardust getting covered in spaghetti bolognese.