The Scene Sync Story (documentary) was a documentary that explained the technology of Scene Sync, a motion control process for improving the composition of shots involving CSO. It interviewed two camera operators, Peter Leverick and Roger Bunce, along with visual effects designer, Stephen Drewett. It was included on the Meglos DVD, since Meglos was the only Doctor Who serial to use Scene Sync.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The documentary followed a broad outline. First, it introduced CSO (or chroma key) and showed some examples of its use in 1970s Doctor Who. Then it showed the key flaw in CSO filming that Scene Sync was meant to eliminate. Next it followed with an explanation of some of Scene Sync's flaws. Finally, it ended by explaining how Scene Sync eventually faded from use in the late 1980s, and gave an overall assessment of its efficacy while it was employed.

The documentary was lightly narrated by an uncredited narrator.

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