The Savages was a novelisation based on the 1966 television serial The Savages.

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1986 edition Edit

Landing on a distant planet, the First Doctor confidently announces to his companions that the TARDIS has brought them to an age of great advancement, peace and prosperity.

The Doctor's calculations seem to be confirmed when the travellers are greeted by Jano and the Elders who take them on a tour of their city - a haven of beauty, harmony and friendship, set in a wilderness inhabited by tribes of savages.

But the security of the city is founded on one deadly and appalling secret. Soon the Doctor and his friends discover that it is not only outside the city walls that savages dwell...

Deviations from televised story Edit

  • On page 37, following the treatment of Wylda, Senta says "They really put the pressure on this place. Always on my shift. Always Tuesday mornings." This strange reference to "Tuesday mornings" — bearing in mind that the story is set not on Earth but an unnamed planet — is not present on the existing audio recordings of episode one. Why Ian Stuart Black included such a thing is a mystery that will probably never be solved.
  • Senta's professional title is Dr. Senta.

Chapter titles Edit

  1. 'Are You Sure You Know Where We Are?'
  2. 'You Have Made Me Look Very Grand'
  3. 'A Remarkable Advance, Gentlemen. I'd Like To Know How'
  4. 'I Don't Know What's Going On, But I Don't Like It'
  5. 'The Old Man Did Not Obey'
  6. 'Not Exactly A Witness'
  7. 'Come On, Soldier Boy. What Are You Frightened Of?'
  8. 'The Trouble With You People On This Planet...'
  9. 'I Don't Trust Strangers'
  10. 'All We Need Is One Good Friend'
  11. 'Do You Think We Will Ever See Him Again?'

Writing and publishing notes Edit

  • Doctor Who Poster Offer features at back without the colour pictures!
  • The cover for the original Target Books edition features the artwork of David McAllister.
  • The First Doctor appears on the cover of the original edition. This was unusual as at the time Target was generally no longer including the image of the Doctor on its novelisation covers; the last time was with Enlightenment in 1984. It wouldn't happen again until a year later with The Ambassadors of Death.

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First publication:

  • Hardback
W.H.Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback


Paperback: Target / Virgin Publishing Ltd. UK November 1992 Cover by Alister Pearson (£2.50 UK)

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