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The Sarah Jane Adventures photo novelisations are a series of prose adaptations of select episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The books carry the BBC logo but are published by Pearson, not BBC Books. All novelisations are adaptions from series three of The Sarah Jane Adventures. They differ from the The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations by only having a few text and a lot of photos which illustrate the text. While the novelisations orientate at the original script of the episode, the photo novelisation differ a lot from the TV episodes. In the photo novelisations a lot of things are left out. Some photo novelisations tell a completely new story, like The Haunted House or Painting Peril.

The photo novelisations are part of a school reading programm that teaches children how to read. All Doctor Who novelisations are suitable for grade 2 students and were written by Trevor Baxendale.

Next to The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations four similar Doctor Who photo novelisations of the Eleventh Doctor were published two years after The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations. As of 2016, these are the only similar photo novelisations that are offered.

Releases Edit

# Title Writer Based on Release date
1 Judoon Afternoon Trevor Baxendale Prisoner of the Judoon 2 September 2010
2 The Haunted House The Eternity Trap
3 Painting Peril Mona Lisa's Revenge
4 Blathereen Dream The Gift

Cover gallery Edit

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