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The Sarah Jane Adventures audio series was a series of audio dramas published by BBC Audio.

The audio series was published on CD and was available for download.[1] The first eight audio books were read by Elisabeth Sladen. After Elisabeth Sladen's death from cancer, another two audio books were released. Daniel Anthony read the ninth audio book, Children of Steel, and Anjli Mohindra read the tenth and last audio book, Judgement Day. The audio books were published between 2007 and 2011.[2]

In 2011, The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection was released, collecting all ten stories.


# Title Author Read by Release date
1 The Glittering Storm Stephen Cole Elisabeth Sladen 5 November 2007
2 The Thirteenth Stone Justin Richards
3 The Time Capsule Peter Anghelides 13 November 2008
4 The Ghost House Stephen Cole
5 The Shadow People Scott Handcock 8 October 2009
6 The White Wolf Gary Russell
7 Deadly Download Jason Arnopp 15 February 2010
8 Wraith World Cavan Scott, Mark Wright
9 Children of Steel Martin Day Daniel Anthony 10 November 2011
10 Judgement Day Scott Gray Anjli Mohindra

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