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The Sarah Jane Adventures: Quiz Book was a British quiz book about The Sarah Jane Adventures. It was published at 5 November 2009.

Summary by the publisher Edit

Life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look. Have you been paying close attention to Sarah Jane's adventures? Do you remember when the Slitheen invaded Park Vale School? Or when everyone forgot that Sarah Jane had ever existed? And what about the time the Judoon crashed on Earth and lost a prisoner? Test your memory of all three series of The Sarah Jane Adventures with this exciting quiz book featuring over 250 questions on all your favourite episodes.

Overview Edit

The book includes 250 questions about the series, which are separated in several topics. Each topic contains 10 questions. For example there are ten questions about Sarah Jane Smith and another ten about her attic. Several pictures of the series are shown in the book, most of them are black and white, but in the middle of the book are a few coloured pictures.

Contents Edit

  • What do you know about Sarah Jane Smith?
  • The Bane are here!
  • First day at school - And the head's an alien!
  • What's in Sarah Jane's attic?
  • Stone cold scary!
  • General Kudlak wants you for a soldier!
  • Let's hear it for the Girls!
  • Whatever happened to Sarah Jane?
  • When computers go bad
  • Bring on the boys!
  • Of you go down to the woods
  • Universal villains
  • Friend or Foe?
  • Can you survive a cliffhanger?
  • Sometimes clowns just aren't a laughing matter
  • It's all in the stars
  • Clyde quotes
  • Father and son
  • Tricky time travel
  • Be careful of your enemies - they might eat you!
  • Jumpin' Judoon!
  • Villainous quotes
  • All the fright of the fair
  • Guess who's coming to the wedding?
  • Have you got what it takes to join the gang in the attic?
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