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The Same Face was the sixth story of the ninth season of Big Finish Productions Short Trips series.

Publisher's summary[]

No one survives in politics on Samael. Felicity Morgan has learnt this the hard way, as she keeps being assassinated. However, she has a secret. A secret that has kept her alive. A secret that has propelled her to the top job. When the Doctor and Jo arrive on Samael, they learn the impossible truth.

One woman. One face. Many lives.


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  • The Minister used to work for the Celestial Intervention Agency but left them before arriving on Samael.
  • The Master threatens to use the Tissue Compression Eliminator but is disarmed. The Third Doctor pushes it away.
  • The Minister chose her title when she left Gallifrey as a renegade, stating that "Everyone seems to pick some kind of title when they run away from Gallifrey".
  • The Minister has survived nine attempts on her life, regenerating each time.
  • The Minister uses the telepathic circuits of her TARDIS to help her in her regeneration. The Third Doctor notes that 'a single imbalance' in the telepathic circuits could lead to disastrous consequences, which the Master used to cause the next regeneration to fail.
  • The Doctor put psychic barriers on the Minister's mind to prevent her from regenerating and maintaining the same face. This was in order to protect her sanity, but left her forgetting how to regenerate in this way.


  • This story was recorded on 27 February 2019 at Heavy Entertainment.
  • This story was released as a download only.


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