The Runaway Train was an audio exclusive story featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

Originally announced as the second Eleventh Doctor audio adventure release, with an issue date of 3 June 2010, it was subsequently indicated by online retailers such as Amazon that released had been delayed until 3 February 2011. However, they pushed release forward to 6 October 2010.

It was then announced that the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, would be issuing The Runaway Train as a special promotional giveaway with its issue of 24th April 2010. The audio The Hounds of Artemis, originally scheduled for release on 8 April, was moved to 3 June, and was only finally released in May 2011. As a result, The Runaway Train was technically the first Eleventh Doctor audio release, although BBC Audio treated The Hounds of Artemis as the first in the series.

Publisher's summary Edit

Arriving on Earth in 1864, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy must get a posse together to help them retrieve an alien artefact. The duo are chased across the Wild West by the alien race, their only hope of escape is catching the 3:25 train to Arizona.

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  • The story was read by Matt Smith.
  • The story was also available as a download from the AudioGO website before the company went into administration.

Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor refers to his love of steam trains. As a boy, he had wanted to drive one. (TV: Black Orchid)

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