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The Runaway TARDIS was a novel released in 2020 by Quirk Books, as part of their Pop Classics range. It featured the Thirteenth Doctor with a new companion, Lizzie, a child who's run away from home. It was illustrated by Kim Smith, and the story was devised by editor Rebecca Gyllenhaal.

Publisher's summary[]

Lizzie is running away. She hates her new house and her new school, so she packs a bag full of peanut butter sandwiches and says goodbye to her family. But when she stumbles upon a mysterious blue box in the woods (that's bigger on the inside!) Lizzie embarks on a much grander journey than she had planned. The box is called the TARDIS and it's piloted by a mysterious woman called the Doctor, who claims to be a time-traveling space alien! Lizzie doesn't like new places, so she asks to be taken home. But when she accidentally drops a peanut butter sandwich down the console, the TARDIS malfunctions, and the Doctor is no longer able to steer! The Doctor and Lizzie embark on a wild adventure through time and space, visiting the Pyramids, dinosaurs, the surface of an alien planet, and more. But will Lizzie be able to get back home? And will she learn that new places aren't so bad after all?


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  • According to editor Rebecca Gyllenhaal, Jodie Whittaker personally approved her likeness as the Thirteenth Doctor on the cover of this story.
  • "Glorp" was originally a placeholder name Gyllenhaal used for her original alien species, but, according to Gyllenhaal, "it just kind of stuck".


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