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The Rosemariners was the eighth release in the third series of The Lost Stories.

Publisher's summary[]

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves on an almost deserted space lab in the Antares Galaxy. Earth Station 454 is being closed down, mothballed, its staff relocated. Years of research and co-operation are coming to an end and only distinguished xeno-botanist Professor Arnold Biggs remains on board.

But is there more to the closure than meets the eye? For the operation is being supervised by the Rosemariners of the planet Rosa Damascena. Their terrifying Commander, Rugosa, seems to have something to hide. Who is he? What do the Rosemariners want with the scientists? And what is the secret of Rosedream?

In a world where no one is quite what they seem, and deadly plants lurk around every corner, the Doctor will have to use all his ingenuity just to stay alive... just to stay himself.


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  • Professor Arnold Biggs, who is in his mid 60s, is a xeno-botanist.
  • Jamie accidentally causes the TARDIS, which had been placed in a holding pattern by the Doctor, to materialise on Earth Station 454.
  • The Rosemariners are native to Rosa Damascena.
  • Colbert has been the chief executive officer of Earth Station 454 for the previous two years.
  • Jamie refers to the Daleks as "nasty metal beasties."
  • Xeno-botany has always been one of the Doctor's hobbies. Conversely, Zoe knows nothing about it.
  • The life force of the Rosemariners is not blood but ichor or "rose life." Consequently, roses are vital to the existence of the Rosemariners.
  • The Daleks developed rosa toxicaera on Kembel.
  • The serum Rosedream sends its victims into a catatonic state.
  • Felicity and Doris have been doing the catering on Earth Station 454 for years.
  • Rugosa mentions that the Black Death of the 14th century occurred on Earth 10,000 years earlier.



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