The Rogue Planet was a The Daleks comic story published in City Magazines. It was written by David Whitaker. When reprinted in DWMS The Dalek Chronicles, it was listed under the title Rogue Planet.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Daleks discover a new planet, and it's heading straight towards Skaro!

Plot[edit | edit source]

A comet flies through space, coming into contact with space dust and before long a new planet forms.

The Daleks have been observing the skies and spot the new planet. The Astrodalek states that it is heading for a sun, but as the Dalek Emperor watches the planet smashes through the sun, undamaged.

The Daleks name this new planet Skardal and begin to track it, worried that it might impact with Skaro. On its way through space it goes behind Omega Three, obscuring it from the Daleks' view, then it impacts with Omega Three.

The Daleks then decide to use a meteorite storm to alter the course of the planet by increasing the meteorites' mass using their magray ultimate, which fills the meteorites with magnetic power.

The Daleks manage to alter the course of the planet. It is now heading straight for their enemies: the Mechanoids!

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