The Robot Reveal was a minisode comedy skit that was broadcast on the CBBC.

It featured a character from another series (namely Scoop) taking the Doctor's TARDIS for their own purposes. This is very similar to BBC's Mind My Minions from 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Hacker takes the Doctor's TARDIS on a trip in the hopes of building a robot. Little does Karim know that the wonders of the TARDIS will change his day... forever.

Plot Edit

Hacker and Karim are at the CBBC desk sorting through piles of robot designs that the viewers of CBBC have sent in for them.

Hacker recalls that he has an friend called the Doctor and that he has a TARDIS and might be able to choose design and make one of the robots come to life. The TARDIS then materialises in front of them. Hacker says he is allowed to borrow the machine when the Doctor doesn't need it. He also states that he is currently on the planet Florana having a break.

Hacker and Karim enter the TARDIS, Karim is overwhelmed by the size and beauty of it. Hacker says "It's the best transcendental time machine he'd ever seen". Hacker and Zarim then search the TARDIS for a device which can make the robot come to life. Karim pulls the leaver which makes the TARDIS dematerialise.

Karim then processes the designs and as if by magic, the TARDIS had chosen on of the designs and made it come to life.

The robot then decided to scarper, leaving Hacker and Karim to chase after him. Firstly the chase the robot around the TARDIS until it left which made Karim and Hacker leave too.

The TARDIS then dematerialised and was sent back to the Twelfth Doctor. Karim and Hacker manage to stop the robot and say how pleased they are with the design. The robot now named BI1nk Bot 3 now lives.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

With special thanks to the Doctor Who crew for the usage of the TARDIS

References Edit

  • The Doctor is taking a break on Florana at the time of this story.
Behind the Scenes of The Robot Reveal

A publicity photo.

Story notes Edit

  • This story is very similar to Mind My Minions.
  • The TARDIS prop is the one used in series eight and series nine.
  • A publicity photo was released on the CBBC website. It was followed by a full video of the original television story.
  • The story was broadcast in conjunction with "Robot Week".
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