The Road to Conflict was the final The Daleks comic story released by TV Century 21. It was written by David Whitaker and was intended to lead into the Peter Cushing feature film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..


A human spaceship crashlands on Skaro. The Daleks see this as an opportunity to learn more of the "androids" from another world.


The human spaceship Starmaker crash lands on Skaro. The Dalek Emperor orders that the "androids" (actually humans) not be destroyed, that they might learn more about them.

The Daleks destroy the humans' ship. Only three people survive. They steal a Dalek ship and fly it back to Earth to warn them of the impending Dalek invasion.

After the Daleks search the remains of the humans' ship, they find a scrap of burnt paper with the directions to Earth. The Dalek Emperor declares "We shall conquer Earth!"




  • Jennie wonders if the Emperor is made of real gold.

Hydroponic force houses.

Dalek technology[]

  • The Dalek City's hydroponic force houses, weapon shops and communication rooms are seen.
  • The Daleks use Dalek Tunnellers to tunnel under the humans' force field.
  • Several new varieties of hoverbout are seen, only one of which is identified as such.



  • The description "next universe but one" comes from the stage play The Curse of the Daleks.
  • Once again, "android" is used to refer to humanoid species.
  • Starmaker uniforms go from blue to red as the story progresses.
  • This was the last of the TV 21 Dalek stories. Alan Fennell says that the series had run its course. Had it continued, TV 21's placement of all published stories in the Century 21 universe might have led to an actual crossover.
  • The story's end, with the Daleks planning to conquer Earth, was written to lead into Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..[1]
  • Decades later, the series was continued in Doctor Who Magazine by its last artist, Ron Turner and his agent, John Lawrence.



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