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The Revenants was a free Companion Chronicle audio story released with a code in DWM 448. It is also available with the limited edition of Big Finish's 50th anniversary release The Light at the End.

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The present day: the Orkney Ferry, where Ian Chesterton meets a stranger in whom he can confide.

Decades earlier: the TARDIS lands on Orkney and Ian and Barbara are abandoned when the Doctor and his ship vanish in front of their eyes. As the pair head for civilisation, something is stirring in the treacherous bog lands.

Only the ancient Wissfornjarl can protect them...

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  • The Revenants was available to readers of Doctor Who Magazine who went to the Big Finish website and entered a code to be found within the magazine. The digital download offer was only available from June to October 2012. (DWM 448)
  • Doctor Who Magazine listed the offer's expiration date as 31 August 2012. However, it was pointed out that overseas delivery of the magazine could be very slow, so the deadline was extended to 31 October 2012. (Big Finish Podcast, 18 July 2012, 34:00)
  • This story is told from Ian's perspective.

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