The Return of the Vostok was an online Torchwood comic strip.

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While out for ice skating, the Torchwood Three team discover a menace lurking at the bottom of a frozen pond. Creatures called Vostok are threatening to bring about a new Ice Age. Their biology allows them to literally suck the warmth out of an environment, but Jack suggests they may be attacking Cardiff intentionally. He believes they mean to use the Rift to "broadcast" an Ice Age back through time, allowing them to substantially rewrite human history. The team race against the sudden cold snap to find a way to overcome the threat. In the end, Jack and Owen lead the Vostok to a disused Cardiff warehouse doused with fuel. Once there, a simple lit match disposes of the Vostok threat.

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  • Available from UKTV
  • This story was published exclusively on the official website of Watch, a digital cable network in the UK. The strip, created in conjunction with Torchwood Magazine, was published to promote the broadcast of Torchwood series 2 on the network.
  • The Doctor Who News Page report announced the comic strip under the title Ice Monsters. However the Watch official website named it The Return of the Vostok, leading to some confusion over its actual title.

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( User note: The online Watch site (see external link below), gives one frame per page. To view the above as page images, click on the page image and double click on the file image to zoom up)

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