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The Return of the Daleks also known as Return of the Daleks in later issues, was a comic story published in Doctor Who Weekly. It was written by Steve Moore.


The Fourth Doctor relates a story which, according to him, happened "long ago" on the planet Anhaut, and displayed a somewhat different chain of event from the usual pattern of the Daleks' destructive rampage through the cosmos.

The Doctor's story begins as, drawing on an eight hundred year old tale from Anhaut's past, Glax decides to retell the legend of the Daleks' defeat by General Nor-Din and revive a flagging hologram-movie industry. Drawn by the film's publicity, the actual Daleks are smuggled to Anhaut by the female Kuay to exact their revenge. Glax and the film's hero, Hok Nepo, take Riders into the deserts of Vaksh, seeking a clue to the Daleks' earlier defeat.

They are followed by Kuay, who is actually a Dalek slave. In a concealed weapons chamber, a holographic image of an aged Nor-Din is about to reveal how to destroy the Daleks, but is destroyed by Kuay, who summons her masters. The Daleks release Kuay from their control before arriving. Turning against her masters, she uses the Dalek implant to activate Nor-Din's weapon, a crystal helmet which attacks the Daleks' minds by magnifying the desire to win from the mind essence of a thousand men, but drains the user's youth whilst doing so. In doing so, Kuay sacrifices her own life and the Daleks are defeated once more.

Leaving Kuay's body in the chamber, Glax and Hok depart. However, while Hok never wants to see another Dalek, Glax is outlining plans for a new movie, which he himself could star in...



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  • The final two pages were inadvertently printed in reverse order in some editions when first published in Doctor Who Weekly.

Original print details[]

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 1 (4 pages)
  2. DWM 2 (4 pages) Next week: The Daleks Attack!
  3. DWM 3 (4 pages) To be continued
  4. DWM 4 (4 pages)


  • Coloured and reprinted by Marvel in DW84 1.
  • Coloured and reprinted in DWCC 23 & 24.


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