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The Restoration Empire was the first of five Time Lord Victorious short stories released by Eaglemoss Collections. It was printed in DWFC TLV 1 through to DWFC TLV 3. It was written by James Goss and provided an in-universe history of the beginnings of the eponymous Restoration Empire which featured so prominently in the main Time Lord Victorious series.

This short story is told from the point of view of the Dalek Emperor. All other mentioned characters are not main characters but are spoken of through the Emperor's story.


Reeling from the fallout of their civil war, the Daleks were left without any leader, with Davros having fled. Thus, one member of the Supreme Council exterminated all other members and appointed itself Dalek Emperor, and swore to unite the Dalek race with a tradition approach. He created the Restoration Empire.

The Emperor Dalek sought a battle armour from the old times, when Daleks won every battle, and having augmented his brain capacity, gave himself a gold casing that called back to an earlier age. After Skaro was destroyed, the Emperor simply rebuilt it, without Thals as a distraction. Every Dalek was to have the same goal of universal domination and to make this a reality, the Emperor gave each a Dalek a rank to denote their their functionality.

The Emperor approached his position but laying out simple policies: firstly, the rebuild of a stable Dalek civilisation. Secondly, the expansion of the Dalek empire - conquering the weak and exterminating anyone who dared to oppose them. Third and finally, the Emperor would lead the Daleks into a War with the Time Lords and wipe them out from history forever.

The Emperor found a Dalek that had survived for an incredibly long time and labelled him the Dalek Strategist. Since the Emperor rarely thought up his own schemes, the Strategist would provide him counsel. The battered appearance of the Strategist made other Daleks bitter due to its naturally close relationship with the Emperor. However, it was evident to the Emperor that the survival of the Dalek race was due to the Dalek Strategist's ability to forecast events.

Neither the Emperor nor the Strategist foresaw what the Scientists had discovered - some event that had been changed in the past had created ripples throughout the universe and was threatening the Restoration Empire. Wanting immediate answers, the Emperor had ordered the invasion of the Archive of Islos, which itself led to the Archivians of Islos unleashing a deadly entity from another dimension.

Forever sensible, the Emperor had forged an alliance with the Mechonoids in the hope of defeating this Entity. Surprisingly, they discovered the Entity not to be new but ancient - The Slave of the Hond. The Hond being a once-terrible race that had been driven into extinction during the Dark Times. Yet here they were, rampaging around the universe once more.

The Daleks were quick to formulate a plan to vanquish the Hond. They captured their old enemy, the Doctor, who defeated it for them before leaving. The scientists soon discovered that the Hond and the time ripples themselves had derived from the Dark Times, and since the Doctor already knew too much, the Daleks sought an earlier incarnation, who they would force to take the newly created Time Squad into the Dark Times to either correct time or cause maximum disruption to time for the Daleks' benefit.

Already having received an ancient message from the Dark Times, the Emperor knew this Time Squad would be destroyed. He was not concerned as he knew his Daleks would not fail in death. The Emperor was please that, despite interference from the Time Lords, his army was strengthening, and he knew that one day, he would be ready to challenge Gallifrey itself.



Restoration Empire[]

Dalek Time Squad[]

The Emperor[]

  • After Davros fled, a member of the Supreme Council exterminated the other members of the council and appointed itself the new Dalek Emperor.
  • The new emperor augmented its brain capacity.
  • He built a gold casing reminiscent of the old Dalek Empire, in a time where Daleks did not fight among themselves.