The Rebirth of Corah was a Doctor Who: Battles in Time comic strip featuring the Tenth Doctor.

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The Doctor and Professor Slade are aided in their escape by McEvoy, who brings them skimmer craft (Sky-bikes). With the creature still in pursuit, the Doctor leads them to a faint energy pulse he has detected. It comes from what appears to be an underground city abandoned by Corah's once mighty civilisation.

The City turns out to be a weather control station, built to stop a great drought, but it didn't work. The creature pursuing them has adapted over thousands of years to absorb moisture and water.

The Doctor re-aligns the machine's vapour density regulator and with a few other tweaks engages maximum particle excitation and... it rains. The creature returns to the pool and the Doctor tells Grant and McEvoy that their salvage crew should be re-hydrated and returned to their former selves. For their journey back, the Doctor leaves an umbrella with them.

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  • Supporting the series of collectible Doctor Who trading cards, the magazine carried a regular four page comic strip of the Tenth Doctor's adventures.
  • The limitation of only four pages meant that stories often lacked depth compared to other regular comic strips running at the same time.
  • The artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the magazine and, as did Doctor Who Adventures, reflected the appeal to readers younger than those catered to by Doctor Who Magazine.
  • The Battles in Time comic strip sought to reinforce the association of its Doctor with the one seen on screen with "props" from the TV series: his blue/brown suit, sonic screwdriver, psychic paper and his intelligent glasses.

Original print details Edit

  • 2/2 DWBIT 68 (4 pages) THE END!
  • No reprints to date.

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