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The Quantum Archangel was the thirty-seventh novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Craig Hinton, released 8 January 2001 and featured the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush.

This novel was a sequel to the 1972 TV story The Time Monster.

Publisher's summary[]

"Hear me, Lord of Time. We are a vengeful people. Our reach is infinite and our patience eternal. For your actions, we will have vengeance. And the vengeance of the Chronovores is terror beyond imagining."

Five thousand years ago, the Priest-Kings of Atlantis attempted to enslave Kronos, greatest of the Chronovores. They failed, with catastrophic results. Thirty years ago, the Master sought to do the same, and barely escaped with his life.

London, 2003: torn apart by tragedy, the Doctor and Mel have gone their separate ways, only to find their paths crossing once more. While the Doctor tries to stop an old friend from making a terrible mistake, Mel is horrified to learn that her best friend has fallen under the influence of the Master.

As the Master desperately tries to defend himself against the power of Kronos, the Doctor and Mel must overcome their differences. If they don't, the Quantum Archangel will be triumphant. And if she is, nothing in the Universe will ever be the same again.


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Astronomical objects[]

The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor spent "decades" during the latter part of his second incarnation on the planet Darron, learning the psychic techniques of the Mind Monks.
  • The Doctor reflects that his immediate predecessor was not a heavy drinker, while he finds that he enjoys the chance to get drunk in his current body.


  • Stattenheim and Waldorf created working plans for a TARDIS during the sixteenth century.
  • The Eternal known as Elektra mated with the Chronovore Prometheus in order to conceive Kronos to lead the Chronovores against the Great Old One known as Nyarlathotep, whom Elektra feared.
  • The Master uses the alias "Branko Gospodar".
  • Stuart is now Emeritus Professor of Physics at West London University.


  • The Master is fleeing from a disastrous alliance with the Krotons.
  • The Master still has the Chronovores pursuing him after the Atlantis incident.
  • The Chronovores are composed of non-baryonic matter. In their natural forms they are six-dimensional polymorphic lattices of photinos and chronons bound together with super-strings.



  • The Source of Traken has exhausted its energy, and the Master is now looking for a way to achieve immortality and simultaneously destroy all the Chronovores.


  • This is a sequel to the television story The Time Monster, which is dated as occurring in 1973.
  • For the Master, this is after the television story The Ultimate Foe.
  • Reference is made to the entropy wave destroying Oa (a planet from DC comics) and a third of the Shi'ar Empire (a race from Marvel comics).
  • Hinton's own notes for this novel were published in the charity publication Shelf Life. They clarified many details about the Guardians, the Old Ones, the Eternals, and the Chronovores, and asserted that the "shift in reality" affecting the Six-Fold-Realm is actually the War in Heaven. Many of the details of these notes, lost in the finished novel, became important plot points of Hinton and Chris McKeon's self-published Time's Champion.


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