The Pump was the London pub that the gang Ton-Up Boys frequented. It had entrances on both High Street and Totter's Lane. There were always motorbikes outside the pub, the owners taking advantage of the gangsters by constantly raising the prices of the alcohol. On 30 March 1963, Gillian Roberts wanted to take Susan Foreman to the pub; she heard they had "a really super jukebox". However, Zack, a member of the Ton-Up Boys, threatened them and they were forced to leave.

Just days later on 2 April, the two returned with Zack, who they'd befriended, using the pub as a passage to Totter's Lane, which was sealed on with ice from the Cold. This was at the suggestion of John Brent, who was familiar with the pub and had gotten in before. The extreme cold completely froze all the alcohol in the place. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

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