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The Promise (DWM 545) was a Doctor Who minisode written by Pete McTighe and released as part of Ace Returns!, a longer YouTube webcast which also included a trailer for the Blu-ray release of season 26 of Doctor Who. The webcast was notable for featuring the live-action return of Sophie Aldred to the part of Ace (which she had previously reprised in audio format with Big Finish), with Aldred considering the webcast as the true closure to Ace. (DWM 545)


Ace is standing in her office reminiscing over her past adventures with the Seventh Doctor, when suddenly the sound of the TARDIS is heard and the Doctor knocks on her door and she runs off.


In the middle of the streets of London is a building standing tall, belonging to A Charitable Earth. In an office with a large wall-length window overseeing the Thames is a woman. Ace.

Ace thinks about what happened thirty years ago. How she was just a kid who thought she knew it all when she met him and he showed her the universe full of adventures: monsters, demons, friends, enemies, fights, justice and so much more...

The Doctor and Ace... teammates.

When suddenly, he let her go to make the world a better place. She says she loves what she does for a living now. But that she some times still look for him from her office-window because he left her with a promise that he would return one day.

Then she hears the sound of the TARDIS and sees a familiar silhouette behind the door and a question mark handle knocking on the door. She exclaims "Wicked".

Ace grabs onto her trademark jacket and heads out the door of her office.




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