The Prison was a prison on an asteroid in deep space where only the most heinous criminals were housed. It was operated by the Governor.

Every cell was windowless and regulation sized, with the exception of the cells on Level 6 which were "a trifle smaller." They contained a single shelf, door, and cell-cam. The canteen lacked any chairs and tables for the inmates; the Doctor would make these out of unused book shelves and coloured them pink as a soothing colour. There was also a craft shop, which the Governor often recommended as a hobby.

A library was founded in the Governor's early days via a loophole (family could not give anything to the inmates, but there was nothing about the staff doing so); this helped pacify most of the prisoners as they could now enjoy reading to pass the time. Prisoner Lafcardio was the librarian.

There was also a separate facility part of the Prison, known as Level 7. Level 7 housed the children of those who opposed the HomeWorld government, to ensure that they didn't retaliate. In charge of the level was the Oracle, a drunk who regularly gave vague predictions about the future. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

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