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The Power of Thoueris! was an Eighth Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Magazine. It saw the Doctor try once again to have a peaceful holiday, only for it to be interrupted. It also saw the reappearance of an Osiran, again in Egypt.


Egypt, quite a while ago: The Doctor has decided to take a holiday...which means that something's bound to ruin it for him!


The Eighth Doctor and Ediphis are in a sailing boat going down the River Nile. They notice a bubbling in the water and Thoueris emerges. Thoueris demands tribute of the pair but Ediphic tells her he has none. Thoueris forces him to return up the Nile. Soon a large group of Egyptians are worshiping Thoueris. To demonstrate her power, Thoueris throws an Egyptian into the Nile and uses her ring to summon the crocodiles and make them attack the Egyptian. The Egyptians hurridly bow to Thoueris.

The Doctor and Ediphis are hiding in a bush on a cliff above Thoueris. Ediphis is worried that going against Thoueris is blasphemy as he believes her a god, The Doctor convinces him otherwise. The Doctor stands on the cliff and insults Thoueris, who promply throws her knife at him. It misses. She begins to climb the cliff. The Doctor and Ediphis pour oil on her hands and light it, making her fall back into the water. Before she falls, the Doctor takes her ring. He uses the ring to summon the crocodiles, who kill Thoueris. The Doctor and Ediphis then continue down the Nile in the boat.




  • This comic story was reprinted in The Flood graphic novel.
  • According to Scott Gray, the hat that the Doctor wears during this story is intended to be the same worn by his fifth incarnation.