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The Planet of Dust & Other Stories was a box set collecting readings of short stories from the Doctor Who annuals.

Publisher's summary[]

A thrilling selection of weird and wonderful short stories from the pages of Doctor Who Annual.

Jon Culshaw, John Leeson, Terry Molloy, Louise Jameson, Dan Starkey and Geoffrey Beevers read seven stories from the legendary Doctor Who Annual of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

In Justice of the Glacians the First Doctor gets into difficulties in a snowy wilderness. The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria fall into the clutches of the Mastermind of Space, whilst the Third Doctor and Sarah go in search of The Time Thief. The Fourth Doctor is taken prisoner with Leela on The Planet of Dust, then joins Romana and K9 for A Midsummer's Nightmare. The Fifth Doctor and Tegan encounter the Master at The Creation of Camelot, and the Sixth Doctor and Peri observe an intriguing Interference in time.

Set the co-ordinates for nostalgia with these vintage tales, all featuring atmospheric sound design.


# Title Author Read by Doctor Featuring
1 Justice of the Glacians Jon Culshaw 1st
2 Mastermind of Space John Leeson 2nd Jamie, Victoria
3 The Time Thief Terry Molloy 3rd Sarah
4 The Planet of Dust Louise Jameson 4th Leela
5 A Midsummer's Nightmare Dan Starkey, John Leeson Romana II, K9 Mark II
6 The Creation of Camelot Geoffrey Beevers 5th Tegan, the Master
7 Interface Terry Molloy 6th Peri


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