The Peter Principle was the twenty-third story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Kate Orman.

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Benny helps Mister Crofton with his garden. They had seen the public execution of Ken Genovese. They notice that Moskof is standing nearby.

Benny finally acknowledges him, and he tells her that resentment has been created today by the execution, and that he wants something to bring the community together in a positive way. She sarcastically suggests an art show, but Moskof takes her seriously.

The art show will take place in Mister Crofton's garden, and Benny has persuaded Moskof to allow non-human art. Bang Jorik has made a scent sculpture for the show, but he won't be allowed to attend because his species has stingers and Moskof considers him a security threat. He informs Benny that Anson and Spang will attend the show.

When Benny attends the show, she notes that there are double the exhibits that there should be: the Axis made human versions of each alien artwork. Their goal was to show how much better the human version is.

Spang needs to excuse himself, and Benny escorts him to the facilities. Bang Jorik appears from a puddle of water; Spang laughs at him and steps on one of his sensor clusters. Benny and Mister Crofton grab Spang by his arms and throw him down a construction shaft.

Moskof talks with Benny. Spang is missing. He would suspect Jorik but doesn't think Jorik could leave his tank. Moskof informs Benny that he has released Ken's ashes to Mister Crofton, who has buried them in his garden.

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