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The Perennial Miss Wildthyme was a 2015 Iris Wildthyme short story anthology.

Publisher's summary[]

Samhain is one of those little snow-covered villages that look as if they haven't changed in the last thousand years. But Iris Wildthyme has been back to the village time and time again, and every visit brings its own unique adventures. Because there is a fancy dress shop in the heart of the village, with changing rooms that are doorways to anywhere in time and space. And one of these days, Iris is determined that she will get to the bottom of just what exactly is going on.

Or perhaps, on one of those days, she already has...


Title Author
Death of the Author Jay Eales
Right vs Left vs Wrong Paul Vayro
Wildthyme and the Wolf Graham Tedesco-Blair
Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear Kara Dennison
The Girl Who Went up in Smoke Greg Maughan
Onesies Steve Palace
The Opera of Samhain Donald McCarthy
A Grove Invisible Juliet Kemp
Michael Drake Dale Smith
The Midnight Empire Julio Angel Ortiz
Self Possessed Ian Potter
Closure Paul Castle


Textless wraparound cover art.

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