The Peace was the end of the War in Heaven. It was spoken of in prophecies, storybooks, and graffiti on lavatory walls, from the time the War began.

It was foretold (and retroactively ensured) that Cousin Dysgenia would find the Peace. When she did, Faction Paradox offered to auction it between the Great Houses and the enemy, but actually just wanted to collect bribes from both sides. Dysgenia tried to her connection to create her own Peace, but Godfather Kobold had implanted her with a mnemonic bomb which scattered the Peace throughout time. (PROSE: A Story of the Peace)

Entarodora expected the War in Heaven to end either in the War being retroactively annulled or in one side's inexorable victory, upon which a new kind of history would be founded. Despite this, there were some brief attempts at peace, like the Venue Accords. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Faction Paradox engineered the Armistice as a false version of the Peace that spread across the Spiral Politic and caused many to believe the War had ended. (PROSE: The End of the Beginning, et al.) The Book of the Peace was made to further the Armistice hoax. (PROSE: And To Dust We Shall Return, The Ugly Spirit)

In the post-War universe, the Primer for the Spiral Politic had an entry on the Peace. (PROSE: A Prelude to a Prelude)

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