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The Path of Skulls was the first story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.


After a bout of exploring the bowels of the TARDIS, Ian Chesterton arrives back in the TARDIS control room, gushing over the ship's interior dimensions before the ship materializes on a new planet.

Arriving, Susan runs off as always, heading down a path. Digging into the ground, Ian pulls free a Pathicol skull, a race that, like many in the galaxy, the First Doctor knew nothing about, even if he often acted otherwise.

Though Barbara theorizes that the path is a sacrificial site, the Doctor is quick to deduce that the path honours the dead, with its position facing the sunrise marking rebirth and renewal.

And as a Time Lord, of all beings, should know, life depends on change and renewal.



  • The Doctor lands the TARDIS on an unnamed planet with a pink sky.
  • The skull path was laid to honour the dead.
  • Barbara initially believes the altar to be a sacrificial site.