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You may be looking for The Parting of the Ways (TV story).

The Partying of the Ways was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.


It's Clara's birthday! And the Doctor is happy to celebrate it. although with some his own ideas. By the end of the day, the phrase "me, myself and I" is about to take a different turn.


The Twelfth Doctor leads Clara, blindfold with a mask, into the TARDIS for his birthday surprise for her. She questions what he's up to, and he removes the mask. Clara is shocked to her elderly and childhood selves, along with Oswin Oswald and Victorian Clara. A banner calls the gathering "Clara-bration".

A sceptical Clara questions the Doctor on how this is possible as there as rules of time travel against bringing different versions of somebody together. Admitting defeat, the Doctor reveals the child Clara is a Ganger; Oswin is a Zygon that lost a bet to him; Victorian Clara is the Teselecta, which should be subbing for her at Coal Hill School; old Clara is an Ood in a wig, which he couldn't get out of the TARDIS.

After the fakes leave, Clara is left wondering why the Doctor would go to so much trouble. Taking down the banner, he goes to explain that he had already paid for it, and was making the most of the mistake.



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