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The Outsider was a backup comic originally published in DWM 25 and 26.


Skrant, a Sontaran, is on a seven year mission to undermine and conquer the planet Braktalis, whose society seems to be similar to Earth's Middle Ages. Demimon, an astrologer and stargazer, witnesses the arrival of Skrant's ship, and seeing it as a sign, allies with him. Demimon's daughter Alareen finds out and alerts her soldier lover, Kinvor.

Although Skrant is dismissive of astrology, Demimon's predictions come true. An army of archers, cavalry and foot soldiers from Garnethe attack Skrant and his twenty new Sontaran clones. As Demimon has predicted, the archers are able to kill the newly born Sontarans one-by-one.

Demimon warns Skrant of an attack from behind, but Skrant tells him that the ship has only one entrance. When Skrant goes to the controls to close the door, Demimon sees his daughter on the viewscreen. Fearing for her life, Demimon strikes the Sontaran's probic vent and kills him.

Leaving the Sontaran ship, Demimon is surprised to note that although he has defeated the Sontarans, the astrological charts indicate that he is "coming under the influence of a fire-star." Demimon puts aside his doubt and takes the Sontaran's "magic box". As he leaves the ship, a stray arrow explodes the Sontaran box, fatally wounding him. As he lies dying in his daughter's arms, Demimon finally he understands that the fate he had predicted was not the Sontaran's but his own.


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Original print details[]

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 25 (4) To Be Continued
  2. DWM 26 (4) End