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The Other Doctor was the second part of the seventh story of the Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic story series published in 2015. Similar to the War Doctor, the Eleventh has forgotten his vow to be the Doctor; he has become something truly terrible in an attempt to maintain superficial peace.


The Doctor has lost himself in a hostile takeover of SERVEYOUinc, and it's up to Alice, Jones and ARC to bring him back to his senses. And if that takes a little judicious cosplay, well, Alice is all for it!


With the Doctor's very soul corrupted by the Talent Scout's promises of giving him whatever he wants, even the return of the Time Lords, he is left caring only about feeding the Entity, which powers the TARDIS expansion matrix.

Worse, anytime someone becomes creative and writes a story or song no matter how secretive, beings known as Cancelers, which look like the Doctor, appear to the "culprit". They then take them to the TARDIS, and promptly returned soon after; however, their minds have now been drained dry of creativity.

A group of children talk of a hero known as Xavi Moonblast, but are caught by Cancelers. At that moment, their hero arrives - it's Jones in a another bizarre costume and makeup. Alice arrives as well, dressed up as the Doctor; both tell the kids to spread word of the Doctor and Xavi Moonblast.

Word soon reaches the Doctor of the two, making him think that such stories would be great fuel for the Entity.

Alice talks to the backup of the Doctor in his watch, finding that there is nothing more he can tell her to do.

Jones and Alice board the moonmobile, a bizarre car he created; the rush at the TARDIS, hoping she will open for them. They, instead, smack right into it - not such a great plan.

Alice and Jones wake to find themselves strapped to chairs with devices on their necks for draining their creativity. The Doctor is with them, explaining that their creativity will feed the Entity. Feeling some guilt, the Doctor ignores it, creating a Canceler; the represent his guilt over treating the Entity poorly.

Alice yells at the Doctor, comparing him to Dorian Gray; she encourages him to remember himself, using how she's now fine with her mother's death and doesn't wish to change anything. The Doctor starts remembering his true self, causing the Entity to break out of its containment tube and swallow the Talent Scout whole. The City proceeds to collapse.

Later, the TARDIS appears on a planet, where the citizens are dropped off. The Doctor tells Alice that she was his backup plan the entire time.



  • The Doctor says he likes the idea of fan fiction and cosplay because it "keeps ideas alive".


  • The other Doctor calls a female Doctor a gimmick to sell t-shirts and toys. This refers to the controversy amongst fans over whether a female actress should portray the part.

Original print details[]

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  • Alice takes on the role of the Doctor, dressed in his costume, whilst she communicates with him via hologram. Similarly, the Twelfth Doctor would later entrust Clara Oswald with the sonic screwdriver whilst communicating from the TARDIS. (TV: Flatline)
  • The Doctor says his watch does not have quite the same effect as a fob watch. (TV: Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Utopia)