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The Oracle of Delphi was the thirty-third Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the fifth story of the seventh season.

Publisher's summary[]

430 BCE. Greece is in turmoil: Athens is at war with the Spartans, the Athenian women possessed by a horrifying cult... and then Bernice Summerfield strolls into town.

Benny's on a desperate mission to save the Braxiatel Collection, millennia in the future. But she's only gone and lost her husband - last seen skinny-dipping somewhere near Delphi.

She needs help, and it comes in the shape of a talkative bloke called Socrates.

Together they must find Jason, survive the fate awaiting Athens and ensure that the future is saved. But divine powers are at work in Ancient Greece. Powers the archaeological record neglected to mention...

The Oracle will see you now.


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  • Bernice and Jason use their time rings to travel back in time.
  • Socrates survives the plague that befalls Athens.
  • Only men are allowed in the Assembly.
  • After Megaira takes Jason, Benny spends a week looking for him before finding Socrates.
  • Megaira is the Oracle of Delphi. She became a time sensitive when she found the Stone of Barter in the desert. She saw the future, including Benny and the tall man who holds time in his hands.
  • Benny's Greek is a little off, mistakenly saying "Porcupines" for "Gentlemen" and writing "Sex, Benny" instead of "Love, Benny."


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