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The Oracle was a creature which lived in the time vortex. The Oracle was related to the Chronovores but was half-human. This allowed it to survive on Earth.

It manipulated an alternate version of Sabbath into creating an alternate timeline focused on the continued existence of Alan Turing, convincing Sabbath that sacrificing Turing at the right moment would seal his reality away from the upcoming collapse of existence. In reality, the Oracle was one of the dangers it was warning Sabbath about, with Turing's death collapsing this reality and escalating the danger of the current situation. The Oracle had intended to feed on the Doctor at the moment of collapse, but the alt-Sabbath was so horrified at witnessing the Oracle's true nature that he distracted it long enough for the Doctor and his companions to escape. While the Oracle's plan had succeeded, the presence of Fitz and Anji at the moment of collapse, as representatives of the true history, essentially cushioned the damage long enough for the Doctor to sort the bigger problem. (PROSE: The Domino Effect)

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