The Oncoming Storm was the first story in the first volume of The Churchill Years audio series. It featured the Ninth Doctor.

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Late 1939. Britain faces the might of Germany. Winston Churchill serves as First Lord of the Admiralty. But Churchill soon finds himself facing a more immediate threat than the looming Nazi menace. A "Stone" with the most mysterious properties is discovered in the Thames' sands, and soon oddly spoken soldiers are creeping round London ruthlessly trying to acquire it. Who are they? Can Churchill and his new secretary Hetty Warner defeat them? And what about the man in the battered leather jacket that Hetty meets? Churchill feels sure they can rely on the Doctor to help them! Except that this Doctor seems to want to stay hidden in the shadows...

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The Doctor follows traces of a Gallifreyan stone to 1939 London. to be expanded

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  • Churchill compares the Doctor to the Pied Piper of Hamlin.
  • The Doctor talks about "his war".
  • Churchill remembers serving in India.
  • The stone is from Gallifrey, and was an attempt to preserve the planet. Hetty refers to it as an augur's stone.
  • McNish asks "Doctor who?".
  • Hetty notes that, even in day time, the Doctor does not wear a necktie.
  • Churchill, McNish, and Lindemann secure the stone in the Admiralty House and drink "medicinal" brandy.

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