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The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home was the title of two short skits produced for Christel Dee's The Fan Show in 2015 and released on the YouTube Channel as part of said show. The wholly parodical shorts featured a variety of old Doctor Who monsters gossiping among themselves in a retirement home. The skits appeared in Zygons & Osgood In Series 9! and in The Magician's Apprentice Reactions, in Seasons 1 and 2 of The Fan Show respectively. The setting was later returned to for a full-on episode of The Fan Show, The Old Monsters Home.


Scene 1[]

An Ice Warrior is telling a Zygon about what things were like his day: namely, "all thisss" was covered in "glaccciersss". The Zygon then mentions that his species just got another gig on Doctor Who, surprising the Ice Warrior with how soon it is. The Zygon explains that it was felt that they hadn't had "a proper crack of the whip" with their latest televised appearance, hence the need for a two-parter that's all about Zygons.

Terry, a Mondasian Cyberman, soon proves jealous of the good success the Zygons are having even though his kind, despite Peter Capaldi's constant mentions of them in interviews, have yet to return to the series. The Ice Warrior placates him by pointing out that it's only a matter of chance; after all, to everyone's surprise, the Ice Warriors themselves got an appearance in just a few seasons ago.

Giving up, Terry wishes the two of them to have fun on their adventures while going off to listen to the Face of Boe singing show tunes. Indeed, the Face of Boe is apparently giving a recital; his small audience comprises a Sea Devil and the Moxx of Balhoon, whom he thanks for allowing him to "not be alone" for this performance. Upon learning that the performance is to be of Miss Zygon, however, the Moxx mutters "No, thank you!" and dashes away.

Scene 2[]

Asked about his return, Davros explains how it came about: Steven asked him if he felt like coming back to the show, and after considering it, the Kaled scientist answer: "Yes… I would do it!".

Story notes[]