The Official Doctor Who Annual 2013 was the British Doctor Who annual published by BBC Children's Books. As with all British annuals, it was actually published in the year prior the cover date prior to the broadcast of series 7 broadcast in 2012.

Overview Edit

Release Number 7
Publisher BBC Children's Books,UK
Released in August 2012
ISBN: 978-1-40590-844-3
Priced £7.99 (UK)
Format Hardback 64 pages
Featured Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Featured Companions: Danny and Abby (in the comic strips)

Contents Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Text stories/fiction Edit

Features Edit

  • Back into the Shadows...
  • Servants of the Silence!
  • Mels' Diary
  • Toybox Terrors!
  • Teselecta Data Bank
  • Secrets of the TARDIS
  • The Doctor's Army
  • Welcome to Nightmare Hotel
  • The Cyber Files
  • The Life and Times of River Song
  • Forest of Fear
  • Dorium's Prophecy

Additional features Edit

  • Puzzle: Spot the Difference
  • Puzzle Guess Who?
  • Activity: Draw the Doctor's Nightmare
  • Puzzle: Peg Doll Mash-up!
  • Puzzle: Crossword
  • Quiz: The Eleventh Doctor Super Quiz
  • Escape the Minotaur!
  • Shadow Match

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