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The Obverse Book of Detectives was the final anthology published by Obverse Books in the Obverse Quarterly series. Each of the stories was a detective story set in an unorthodox setting, meant to "stretch the boundaries of detective fiction".[1] Five of the six stories have no connection to Doctor Who, but its sixth story, The Unwoken Princess, features Icnopilli from Lawrence Burton's Faction Paradox novel Against Nature.

Publisher's summary[]

From M Dupin to Mr Sherlock Holmes, Sexton Blake to Lord Peter Wimsey, Miss Marple to Agatha Raisin, literature is full of genius detectives, solving impossible crimes.

And now, for the first time, the Obverse detectives join the throng; in POW camps, gentlemen's clubs and settings even more vile than that, as intriguing a collection of sleuths and P.I.s as can be imagined ply their trade…


Title Author
The Sorcerous Dogsnatchers of Fishwife Lane Chantelle Messier
The Bog-Man of Bond Street Thomas H Pugh
The Crimson Dagger Jamie Hailstone
The Witchfinder Paul Hiscock
Exit Stage Left Mark Manley
The Unwoken Princess Lawrence Burton


  • Pitching information for the story was published on Duotrope.com in February 2012.[2]

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